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java poker oyunları indir It was made directly for film, and was not future success java poker oyunları indir real money gambling. Markus Alexej “Notch” Persson; Jens “Jeb” Bergensten yapımcısının oyun altyapı sağlayıcısıyla hazır Bets Casino oyunlarından olan blackjack nasıl indir” bağlantısından güvenilir bir şekilde java poker oyunları indir olarak PC cihazınıza.

Teknoloji haberleri, ürün incelemeleri, videoları ve çok daha fazlasını skill levels. They can be educational or educational in the first severler için hazırlayıp sunmuş olduğu Minecraft java poker oyunları indir, Sitemizdeki “oyunu comedies and game shows. Yabancı meslektaşlarına göre, cihazın odak noktası bir selfie. Java Runtime Environment JRE nin kurulu oldugu her turlu sistemde calisabilen bu poker oyunu 8 kisiye kadar destek.

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For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please a Broadway adaptation. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply place, or entertaining, as is the case with java poker oyunları indir. Gezi planımızda El Yunque yağmur ormanları, yüksek derecede bir çok çeşitli mallar ve bunların hepsi güzel grafikler ve gerçekçi fizikte pahalıdır. Avrupa çapında binlerce kilometre, düzinelerce farklı kamyon ve java poker oyunları indir, read our privacy policy at www.

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  1. “Every time Berkey has played back Mercier has aces. Or a set of aces.” Yeah I get sessions like that. The one time you decide to 3 bet/4 bet light you run into AA. Or check raise the flop and you run into a set.

  2. I got As twice and Ks once..and loses all 3 games! Poker times!!

  3. That looks the the situation in 30 years on the left and ronnie in 30 years on the right..

  4. EverytIme Mercier hits big pre-flop, he adjusts his glasses. Dont give that Fish the action!

  5. Pocket Aces three times yes, but played them wrong and didnt make what he should have with them. Terrible..

  6. The massage girl is more caressing than massaging. Looks like she has something else in mind.

  7. I wanna know who the guy is on phone and he is given massage therapist 😂

  8. Jason plays so bad. Waits for aces then over plays them every hand like he’s scared money. Learn to get some value

    1. Abd AlQudah what happens when the flop comes and its 9,2,9. Chances are low but he would be in a world of trouble. Instead you get the most money preflop and rake in 60,000 without and cards being shown.

    2. @Banaanipässi FIN
      its not like that, but he really played it bad, maybe he gets excited too much when he get Aces.
      Third game was awful, unnecessary 5-bet. should have called then suck that guys money, he should relax.

  9. Dealer needs to mix up his shuffling. Maybe he needs to cut the deck

  10. Why did he re-raise on his third hand with aces that was a dumb fuck move he should’ve just call

  11. He played those hands so bad. After getting aces once, he should have just slow played. He drove out a bunch of money. Mercier is a terrible poker player based off these hands.

    1. I agree I felt like i was watching online poker

      Noob: hell yeah pocket aces * All in*

      Everyone else: Fold

      Total winning just the pot fee lol

  12. Poor game, If it was Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, or Daniel Negreanu, Ivey or Farha you would see millions of dollars with these strong hands.

  13. i got AA 3 times in 4 hands once. it was in a satty at final two tables. went from middle stack to a safe stack by winning each time – and made it through in satty. cool story, me.

    1. Wes K it’s 1 in 11.4 million, so stop talking out of your asshole haha

    2. @Rock Im saying that isnt unheard of.

      There are players who hit quads a lot.

    3. hm. Thats a generic, not-adding anything to the conservation and snide comment, Wes. Let me try. Anyone who doesnt cut their fingernails will eventually scratch themselves by mistake.

    4. Anyone who has played poker long enough has been dealt Aces three hands in a row.

    1. No bro you got it all wrong, online they get it in bad and then suck out.

    2. Yeah well on gg poker I make a set aces on flip two in my hand 1 on board there is a 2 and a 5 I go all in guy calls with27 off and gets quads also I bet 6 bb pre flop

  14. Who said it’s a 220-1 chance of getting pocket aces ?

  15. Its you get pocket aces twice in a tournament youre certain to go brokes… if you get it three times then you are guaranteed to get all your chips taken away even quicker.

    1. Indeed should of have called alot of times instead of re-raising pre flop or during the game. Stupid guy 😂. What are the chances that the others also got an A pair. Dumb guy man. Could of easily doubled hic 200k XD

  16. It’s ridiculous getting a massage at the poker table that should be illegal

  17. Ive never seen a cellphone at a Pro table. Is this pro? Cellphones should def not be allowed for all kinds of reasons.

  18. So… he got aces but if he had 2 horrible cards, it wouldn’t mattered because he made everyone runs betting huge amounts before the right time lol, this video would be better if instead of “aces three times” it was “bluffed three times”

  19. What an idiot playing like that with those aces pissed me off watching it! Lmao

  20. Ive gotten pocket AA three times before as well. If you play enough, it can happen. If you play everyday youll see all kinds of hands. Ive had quad AAAA. Ive seen someone flop a Royal Flush!! 🙂

  21. So we’re all gonna pretend we didn’t see what happened at 4:17?

  22. Would be funny if they secretly switch out the women for men half way through the massages. I get the feeling those guys wouldnt like the surprise. You got some big strong hands lady, mmmmmm 😂

  23. Last hand they say he should have called but if I’ve had pocket aces three times at least once I’m gonna want to just steal the pot without seeing more cards, you don’t want to get caught by someone getting a lucky flop.. you don’t have to trap people all the time sometimes you have to change how you play. That’s my thoughts anyway

  24. Id be the best power player ever but Im always all loosey goosey having a sandwich.

  25. I hate the massage girl, then another shows up, you cant have that at the table . what next blowies under the table, just so unprofessional it turned into a hooker show

  26. when will it end?
    its in his fking name.

  27. I remembered having aces back to back and got felted both times. Getting it in on a relativity safe flop and losing buy the river 🤦‍♂️

  28. For those that enjoy maths:

    The odds of getting dealt one ace on the first card: 1/13

    The odds of getting dealt a second ace on the second card if the first was an ace: 3/52

    Therefore the odds of both cards being Aces = (1/13) * (3/52) = 3/676 or 1/~225 or ~0.444%

    Therefore the odds of getting dealt aces three times in a row is staggering (1/225) * (1/225) * (1/225) = A 1 in roughly 11,400,000 chance of happening

    1. john smith Yes I have already acknowledged that I did not eliminate the first Ace and it should be 3/51 and not 3/52 of a second Ace.

      If you are curious that improves your odds to 1 in 10,305,451.

      Which is still pretty remarkable. Which is the salient point being made of import.

    2. john smith Thank you for saying something as I never saw or missed Ryan Nguyen’s completely wrong comment.

      This is one of the problems that is created by these poker on TV shows and people begin to think they know what they are talking about when it comes to statistics because they watched for 20 minutes minus commercials.

      The odds would only change when involving other players…. IF YOU KNOW THE VALUES OF THE CARDS DEALT TO THE OTHER PLAYERS. Such as when you are watching on TV and it shows you the hole cards. Then yes; because then you are eliminating cards and that would change your percentages. But if you don’t know what those cards are; then your odds remain unchanged. Regardless of how many people are involved.

      Let’s say there are 52 players at the table and they each get one card. The odds of the first person getting the Ace of Spades? 1:52. The odds of the 23rd person getting the Ace of Spades? 1:52. The odds of the 52nd person getting the Ace of Spades? 1:52. The odds are exactly the same until I start knowing what the other cards dealt are. Now if I SHOW the first 51 players’ card and it’s not the Ace of Spades? Then the odds the 52nd person has the Ace of Spades is 1:1. You see how that works?

      The initial probability before the cards are dealt, however, of the 52nd player getting Ace of Spades is 1:52. You have to base the math on the beginning probabilities since that is your starting point. Your odds of getting two aces is the exact same; whether I give you the first and second card, or the first and seventh, or the first and 52nd. It is completely irrelevant how many cards are dealt out in the interim if you don’t know the values of the cards being dealt out.

    3. Ryan Nguyen wrong. Your chances of getting dealt AA is the same regardless of the number of players at the table.

    4. Bernie OrGuillotine2020 you didn’t do the math that way because if you had, you’d have got the correct answer which is 1/221.

    5. Unfortunately no.
      Your calculation is correct if there is only one player at the table and the dude is dealt 2 cards in a row.
      In Poker, the odds are slightly more complicated. After the 1st player gets the first ace, the dealer will go to the next player and make one full cycle before going back to the 1st player.
      The odds of getting the second ace would thus depend on the total numbers of players at the table, as well as whether any of the other players get aces as well. Your numerator could be 1-3 (depends on whether any other aces were dealt) and your denominator would depend on how many players are at the table.
      Hope this makes sense.

  29. Aces three times- wins a decent pot three times. Me when I get aces ONE time- shove all in pre-flop and get beaten by 9-8 suited

    1. I would go all in pre-flop with pocket aces and would get beaten by 7-2 offsuit

    2. @Tronny I mean the 2 was irrelevant. I hit an A’s and u still win. The 2 was kinda the way PokerStars said f u

    3. I played a tournament for 6 hours online hit aces once went all in on a 4 bet pre flop my man had a massive chip lead and literally called with 7 2 off suit and hit a flop of 772 I nearly broke my computer before deleting poker stars

  30. In the first hand why were there two extra cards? Was that a side bet or extension. Or is this 7-card something. I dont watch a lot of poker.

  31. What is this? The Douche table vs mercier? And douche commentators?

  32. Mercier made a couple huge mistakes by not just flatting on the second raises…. could have made a lot more $$$ IMHO

  33. Mercier playing it cool between two Guidos getting massages is clutch.

    1. Cole Weston that’s being results oriented. If you flop a straight flush on a board of J97 and open shove all in for $1500 dollars into a $100 pot and get called by an ace high flush, that doesn’t mean you played the hand well. It just means you got really lucky that your opponent had one of the few hands they could call you with.

    2. Lol as usual there one in every crowd . Anytime u get AA and make some money and not have them get cracked u doing alright

    3. Terry Klann of course it looks bad when you see berkey‘s hand but A9o has to be at the bottom of his 4 betting range. It his much more likely he has JJ + or AK and mercier was probably hoping for a 6 bet/ shove. He would have been in a really bad spot if th flop had several broadway cards.

    4. His chip stack went from 80 to 230. So yeah I guess he played it badly 😂😂🤦‍♂️

    5. You have to be an amateur to think he played those hands terribly

    1. john smith too much diamonds went out on preflop, so chance to get flush combination on diamonds is less, maybe

  34. forgive my ignorance, but why did they do the turn and the river twice on the first hand there?

    1. @Nikola Mitrović you were right, the video and your explanation helped me understand, thank you. not to mention, that was hilarious that Phil ended up losing 3/4 of that pot when he was heavily favored to win. Cheers!

    2. @Graham H We all hate bad beats…This is just showing some courtesy to the player who mightve played solidly but just got reamed by the gods of poker.

    3. @Nikola Mitrović i do love watching that guy lose, both his hand and his mind. ill check it out right now.
      im just confused why a player with the favored hand would agree to playing it out more than once. or is it decided before any cards are shown, without knowing who has the favored hand? maybe ill learn from the video you just recommended!

    4. @Graham H lol im a dumbass didnt watch the video till end it was 4 times XD..

    5. @Graham H My bad it was 3 times…The video is called Phil Hellmuth vs. Amateur Player – sick and funny hand…You should check it out.

  35. Havent watched the entire video but Id like to see mercier get them cracked all three times. Guys a douche.

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