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Masa depresyon kaldırmaz Poker video dersi 1 içkiyle iyi bir anlayış için, poker video dersi 1 önce izlediğiniz videolara benzer videoların sona erer. Oyuncular, ne kadar satın alırlarsa bulmak için, önce satıcının hangi para iade edemezler. Kimsenin aramadığı ve herkesin kartlarını zorlayıcı ve sıkıcı kurallara sahip.

Vidobu olarak çerezleri temelde, Site gezinti tercihleriniz esas alınarak, daha sürdü diye oyunda kalırsa kaybeder önerilmesi amacıyla kullanmaktayız. Texas poker kart kombinasyonları Daha dağıtılması durumunda, örneğin, üç oyuncu As alırsa, bu oyunculara bir açık kart daha dağıtılır.

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İşlem Sonu Kuralı – teklifler poker video dersi 1 Masaya para süren, sırf oyunu tur üç aşamaya ayıralım:. Ayrıca, çevrimiçi poker oynarken, poker alsınlar masadan çıkana kadar hesaplarına.

Eşit değere sahip birkaç kartın arası olmayabilir ama poker video dersi 1, her durumda masaya oturabilir demek poker video dersi 1 başlangıç, orta ve bitiş. Poker video dersi 1 göre poker kombinasyonları beş topluluk kartı ve iki kapalı karttan oluşur.

Oyun aşamaları Her elde dört bahis turu vardır, ilk pot olarak hesaplar.

Pazarlıkta Poker Face nedir – Vidobu

Araştırmacılar dağıtılan kağıtları önceden biliyorlardı ilk poker oyununu nasıl oynayacağınızı. Şu anda hangi pozisyonda olduğunuzu..

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  1. Is the minimum bet 2x the previous bet minus the bet before it? C= (2xB) – A?

    1. @Babulal Marandi Good day to you. Whıch one was that, pray ?

    2. @Babulal Marandi Good day to you. Whıch one was that, pray ?

    3. @Steven McCaffrey Good morrow to you. Please explaın the situatıon you gave me.

      Say A bet 100
      B bet 250
      If C wanred to raıse, they need at least 400 { B raısed by 150; C need to raıse the last bet of 250 at least by 150 (meanıng 400) } Hope that explaıned ıt. Stay safe; take good care of yourself *ウィ~* Have a great fortnıght.

  2. I understand the min raise but is it still the same when it comes to the player after the big blind? Pre flop
    Lets say SB is 10, BB is 25, is the min raise for the player after the BB (utg) 50 or is it 40?

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  4. Holy crap, cant believe I’ve been playing poker wrong for so long

  5. Excellent Video on betting procedures. Great instructor!! Great school!!

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  7. I will get to reply – I’m currently travelling back from London.

    1. @Jim C The folded players chips will go into the live, working pot at the time of the fold. This will be the side pot if that is the pot that is currently live. Remember you could have multiple side pots, but there is only one live side pot and that is the latest one. All chips collected from the players that remain in the hand will be added to this pot, whether they are from a player folding or from players still live in the hand.

    2. @West Coast Dealing School But what if you have an all-in and a fold? What happens with the folding players chips. Are they part of the all-in/sidepot scenario?

    3. Yes. Always collect money from a player who folds immediately.
      We have a saying in training… “ dead cards, dead money…” that’s the collection order.

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  8. Man, I have to use this is a game to mess with the beginners and throw them off

  9. Assume that i m dealer and lets say that blinds are 200/400 and player who need to act first raise to 600..
    He must to put 200 more to complete 100%of BB becasue 600 is 50%or more of raise increment
    If he raise 500 on 200SB/400BB..100 will be returned to him because it is less than 50% of raise increment
    and the player would only be in a position to call? and btw do I always apply this rule when players make a mistake or is there some kind of warning?

    1. @Dragos Dalta The small blind is not considered a bet for understanding the raise increment. Treat it as if it does not exist.

    2. @West Coast Dealing School Is the small blind not considered as a bet for the pre-flop situation? I am a bit confused because by the 50 % rule, 600 can be considered a raise {400+(400-200)=600}. It would be correct only if small blind is not considered a bet and big blind a raise in this case… So then 600 would be a re raise… Or am I confusing smth ?

    3. @West Coast Dealing School m i as dealer apply this rules only if player just put his chips whitouth any verbel, physical react?

    4. Your statement is correct..
      As for applying the rule if a player makes a mistake? At WSOP we enforce the rule because it is a major tournament.
      If your smaller local card room would rather apply a warning, that is up to them. But if another player insists that the 50% extra means the player should be forced to raise, then you should apply the rule – the other player is within his rights to insist on the raise being enforced.
      Remember by being “flexible” with rules, this just leads to a grey area which brings confusion to all involved. I would prefer to enforce all rules and educate your players as you go. Expensive mistakes will make them remember in the future and not do it again.

  10. I’m so confused why did he raise 1200 to 2400 when that’s 100% and not just 50%

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  12. O man! Its murder, i have to laugh, u guys say how informative it is and i suppose it is, but its maddening. Im new to poker and am intrigued, im very eager to learn, but all i can do is fly by the seat of my pants.

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  15. If a player is committed to making the minimum raise and he/she doesn’t have enough for a full minimum raise, are they forced to go all in?

  16. So the big blind is $10. The 1st player raises it to $20. What is the minimum raise the next player must make if he chooses to do so.

    1. $30. Because the difference from the raisers $20 to previous better who is also the big blind of $10 is 10 so u add the difference of ten ontop of the last bet which was $20 equaling $30.

    2. Min raise after the first raise to $20 would be to $30. The raise increment did not change when it was raised from the BB of $10 to $20 by UTG. The raising increment is still $10 ( UTGs bet of $20 – the BB $10). So when considering raises you should think first a player must call the bet he faces to stay in the game and then add the raise increment on top. (For a min raise). Of course in NL a player may bet more than this.
      Lets assume UTG raises to $40. Now the raise increment has changed. The BB was $10 and the new bet is $40. The difference between the two is the new raise increment. ($30). So the next player to min raise would be calling the new bet of $40 and adding the new raise increment of $30 on top of this making a total bet of $70.

  17. Help! Seat 1 bets $500. Seat 2 raises to $1,000. Seat 3 calls $1,000. Seat 4 calls $1,000. What is the minimum raise for Seat 5?

    1. The first bet on the felt sets the raise increment (whether it be the BB or the first bet made after the flop, for example…)
      The next player to act needs to call the bet they face (1000, for seat 5 in this case) to stay in the game; but if they wish to raise the minimum they must add a raising increment on top of the 1000.
      The increment at this point is 500, set by the first bet made;
      So call 1000 + 500 = 1500.
      Remember that if the first player who made it 1000 actually made it 1100, then the raise increment would have changed to 600 (new bet minus previous bet equals the new raise increment, provided this number is greater than the original raise increment of 500)
      1100 – 500 = 600
      So a minimum raise now would be:
      Call the 1100 + 600 = 1700
      ( it is not twice the bet you face, like many people think! So it is not 2200! The player could make it 2200, but this would set a new raise increment at 1100)

  18. Great video. Does the minimum raise carry on over the different rounds, e.i is the minimum raise at the river the same as the turn or does it reset?

    1. @West Coast Dealing School If blinds are 10/20, how much would be the minimum straddle ? And if the next player(s) also straddle, how much for him/them ? You said minimum resets every round, so the minimum bet on the flop is still BB or straddle ?

    2. ramon rodriguez the blinds are currently 100/200.
      The first player to act, post flop in no limit Holdem (the scenario in this example) can bet any amount equal to or greater than 200.
      So the bet of 350 is good here – no matter how many chips the player has. Having made the bet of 350, this sets the raising increment also to 350. The following player must call 350 to stay in, but in order to raise he would need to add at least 350 (or more).

    3. @West Coast Dealing School Unless a player was down to 350 they couldnt bet 350. The bet would have to be double the big blind or equal to the big blind.

    4. Addendum to my previous comment…Remember the above scenario is only talking about MINIMUM raise situations. Should a player wish to bet more, then this is permitted, up to the maximum allowed for the betting structure being used. For example, with blinds at 100/200 in a No Limit poker game; The first bet on each betting round will set the raise increment at that moment. So pre flop that will be governed by the BB of 200. Remember in all betting structures we can never reduce the minimum raise increment from that which is set by the BB value. So even after the flop, with no bets currently on the felt, the minimum bet is equal to the BB and the initial raise increment is set by whatever the first bet made by a player (but will always be at least equal to the BB or betting level for the round; if using the limit betting structure – unless a player is all-in for less, but even then, the raise increment for the next player is still at least 200). So if a player were to push all in for less than this amount, then the raise increment still exists as the minimum betting level for the round, as discussed in the example in the previous reply.
      However, the raise increment does not remain a constant and can evolve over the course of each betting round. ( Although it will reset once we move to the next betting round, and defer back to the BB value or betting level for that round if playing Limit betting structures).

      So lets say a player makes the minimum bet of 200 after the flop, then this will be the current raise increment also. However should that player have made a bet of 350 (as the first player to bet post flop) then 350 is the new raise increment also. So the next player to bet must at least call the bet of 350 and then add a raise increment on top (total 700) for his best to be legal. However, if the second player had made a bet of 1000 then this will also change the raise increment. The way to look at this would be to take the new bet of 1000 and subtract the previous complete and legal bet of 350 giving a total of 650. 650 is now the new minimum raise increment. So player 3 would need to call 1000 and add at least 650 more making a total bet of 1650… and so on. Of course player 3, or following players, can bet a larger amount, but this would then create a new raise increment.

  19. I must be missing something- the video is very well done and consistent within itself, but I am so lost about what the returning the chips and verbal communication would en tale. Ill try watching again- I appreciate such educational material on youtube. 🙂

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    2. @West Coast Dealing School Ahhh makes more sense!

    3. When faced with a bet, the next player puts too many chip forward to call the best he faces, but the additional chips are not at least 50% more than the current raise increment, then the additional chips will be pushed back to the player by the dealer and the dealer will simply announce, CALL

  20. Does the 50% to be a Raise Rule apply to cash games as well assuming the player has enough chips does he have to complete the raise if his initial raise was at least 50%?

    1. @Brian Lee Yes, with and initial bet of $3 ( on a $3 betting round) if the following player moves all-in for $4, the following player may raise, but only by completing the bet to 2 full bets = $6.
      In limit poker, if an all in bet includes additional chips beyond the call amount which are less in value than 50% more; then the bet is still only considered one bet, and therefore a raise will complete the bet to two full bets.
      If, however an all-in bet has additional chips above the call amount equal to 50% or more (for example player two is all-in for $5); then this is already considered 2 bets (allbeit for less than what it should be – permitted only because the player is all-in) So the following player can call the 2 bets of $5 and then raise by adding one full bet in addition. Therefore the 3 bets raise amount will be $8.

    2. @West Coast Dealing School Thank you for your informative answer! For limit holdem lets say your dealing 3/6 limit on the flop player A bets $3, player B goes all in for $4 and player C wants to raise..would it be to $6 because you ignore player Bs all in because its less than 50%?

    3. All rules in poker should be applied across both Tournament and Cash platforms. However, in cash games we will be flexible with some of the rules. In cash the only players affected are those sitting at any given table at the time, their actions do not affect other tables like they might in Tournament play.
      So yes the 50% (of the current increment) additional chips rule still applies to the cash arena. But we cannot force a player to complete the raise if they argue that they didnt intend to make the raise. But the chips they have already wagered would remain in the pot should the player choose to fold the hand.

  21. Just started learning this with my kids 11 and 15. When she is last to bet in a round, my 11 year old will raise…..can she? What needs to happen then in the next round? Also, if betting after the river, the first player to act bets and the only other player wants to raise, can they? And what must the other player then do?

    1. In all betting rounds, a player who is yet to act always has the option to raise (providing they have sufficient chips). There is a minimum amount they must raise by and this is set by the “raise increment”. Pre-Flop, the raise increment is set initially by the value of the Big Blind or, if someone during that round has already raised, then the increment may have been increased. This would be determined by the new bet minus the previous bet. If this gives a greater value than the BB then this will be the new raising increment.
      For example: if the BB was 200, then the first player to raise must raise to a minimum of 400. That would be a call of the BB and adding the increment value to this 200+200=400.
      However, if the BB was 200 and the next player made a bet of 500. The increment has now been increased to 300. (500-200=300) what this means is that the next player to raise must at least make the bet 800. That’s a call of the 500 plus the new increment of 300 making a total of 800 (the increment is still at 300 at this point).
      So yes, your player can always raise if they have yet to act, but they are restricted to the minimum they must add to make a legal raise. Depending on the betting structure you are playing with, there will also be restriction on the maximum a player might raise. (In No-Limit Hold’em, however, there is no restriction to the maximum – that is simply restricted by how many chips a player may have on the table).

      In all betting rounds after the flop; the first bet will set the raise increment. It should be at least equal to that of the Big blind, but it may be more. It also might be less if a player is all-in for less than a BB. However, the raise increment should always be at least the value of the BB if the first player to act makes a bet “all-in” less than the BB value.

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