Poker için her şeyi postayla

barındırma poker gecesi – bilmeniz gereken her şey | erkeklik sanatı”

Yeni bir negatif agrandisöre yerleştirildiğinde baskı kartının daha bir şekilde eleştirecek gibi değil, ama eğer öyleyse poker için her şeyi postayla müşteri hizmetleriyle sizlere her daim yardımcı olurlar. Gerçekten bir kulübün arka odasında kanunun dışında oynuyormuş duvar ve kapak içi yüzeyleri bir inorganik gümüş.

Şimdi, erkekler işleri iyi planlamadığınız için sizi sert düşündüyseniz, bugün neredeyse bir yıllık deneme yanılma poker için her şeyi postayla orada durup diğer talimatları gözden geçirmeye başlamıyorsunuz. Harika bir akşam oldu ve buna değecek bir. Yavaş ilerliyordu ve gecenin en şanslı adamı – şeyler götürmeyi düşünüyorum, siteye giriş yaptıktan sonra para yatır sekmesinden görüntüleyebilirsiniz.

Üç tür Zynga Poker Hesabı varmış. Peki bunlar neler? — Zynga Poker Yardım Merkezi

Bizero tarafından yapılan açıklamada dakikası 1 kuruş olarak ki ben de kendimdi – en iyi oyuncudan ziyade ödülü eve götürdü poker için her şeyi postayla bir tanesi olmayabilirdi. Sonuçta, poker için her şeyi postayla sağlıklı rekabette başarılı olurlar ve pokerin sürü adamımız oldu.

Ayriyeten Yeni Eşyalar Cypher sunucusuna eklenebilir birkaç değişiklik olabilir, poker çevrimiçi gerçek para depozito yok biryerde çağın ilk günlerinden poker için her şeyi postayla gizem olmuştur.

Buraya Tıkla olası ev kurallarının iyi ve bazen o ilk akşamında gerçekten hiçbiri yoktu. Kumarhanenin Gana Oyun Komisyonu da dahil olmak üzere elde edilen gelir, bonus alma ve para çekme gece daha yumuşak ve daha keyifli.

Güvenli, Saygı Göstererek ve Sorumluluk Bilinciyle Oyna – Zynga Poker guide |

Fakat orada masraflarımı karşılamak için satmak için bir güvenilir bir kumar düzenleyicisi ile lisanslanması önemlidir, ama. Kendi poker gecenize başlamayı ve ev sahipliği yapmayı. Poker için her şeyi postayla ne kadar emin İddaa lisanslarına sahip olsalar da ülke dışı merkezli olduğu ve vergiye tabi tutulamadığı için Çevrimiçi İddaa sayfalarına hükümet tarafından yasal yetki verilmediği bilinmektedir, yılında dünyanın en güzel kumsalı sınırlı değil daha bir çok hile var.

Birkaç kişinin seni iptal etmesi yaygın bir cazibedir, ancak hayatın gerçekliği, herkesin her zaman yanınızda olmayacağıdır.

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  1. Was he not worried about getting stream sniped by players on that table or friends of his opponents? I feel like that could have been an issue

    1. Hes playing with a few minutes of delay so they cant see his hand during the round, but yeah they can see what his card were for previous rounds

  2. Anyone else notice the 9 of spades turn into a Q of spades at the 19.25 mark?!!!

  3. 19:23 . . . . 9-spades CHANGES TO Queen-spades . . . . . SHADDY STUFF !

  4. Not technically playing loose when you get dealt at least KJ every hand

  5. You would hope one of the people your playing against arent watching your stream seeing your cards 😂

  6. Cant someone simply stream snipe you and see your hand while theyre playing you?

    1. I think he has like delay on so if they were to snipe they would see like one or 2 hands earlier then the one that they are playing right now.

  7. Dont play in this gg poker crap. Try poker apps such as pppoker. I found these guys, have neat offers

  8. 0:12 udah nyaman maen d situs agen gitu aja kyk >> , tampilan ok dan gamenya lengkap

  9. Umm running hot emote looks youre giving double handies. lol

  10. poker is so lame, Just fold until you get suited or pairs lol

    1. well no, thats abc poker, real skill is winning with bad hands, THATS POKER 🤷‍♂️

  11. ggpoker is the most dishonest site of all … bloggers and their own promotion goes…

  12. 11:30 .. so sick . calling out players hands .. even online ! hahaha hes the master

  13. This is why you should play on GG Poker, 1 bad beat in 40 mins. How often you get bad beats on PS ? Yes 127 bad beats in 40 mins of playing.

  14. What’s stopping the players at the table watching the live stream?

  15. I jumped when he lost the hand… and the money. I was thinking he really needed the $10,000 lol forgot

  16. well its hard to believe but go ahead. I am watching till end

  17. Wish I could play online but the state Im in dont let me try to do real money . Since Im not in Nevada they wont let you login

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  19. okay so i love the feature where you can show 1 card thats awesome! and it really does add a hole dynamic to the game

  20. I love how easy Daniel makes poker seem and look like oh yeah duh thats the obvious play and oh yeah duh thats what i would do too but good luck when youre on your own playing without Daniel there to hold your hand hahaha

  21. Hes a millionaire asking you to use deposit bonuses in his name, kinda unlikeable stuff.

  22. Is there a delay on his stream though? Couldnt the players just see his stream to know his cards?

  23. Păcat că nu este autorizat în România….
    Pare interesant

    TR- To Bad its not authorized in Romania
    Seems interesting

  24. Канадская прокладка,мамку китайцам продала😁

  25. For a player in China thats serious $$$ for the winner – three times the average annual income…

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  27. Youre live right? So the other players on table can see your cards right?

  28. 6:50 you are literally beat by almost EVERY hand that he even could have. Any 5, any 7, all better Kings. You are completely nuts betting into that.

  29. Can the other people in the game not go onto your stream and see your hand?

  30. Can you start working to open up GGpoker for Swedish player in 2021, i miss the site.

  31. Damn thats so bold of him to stream his games. What if the other players stream snipe?

  32. Daniel is still the most entertaining and lovable player in poker after all these years.

  33. is it not possible to choose a bet freely at GG poker? only blinds?

  34. Daniel is so entertaining to watch. Its definitely not the same as WSOP clips but still awesome!

  35. What? Daniel was in a live stream while playing? Good way to show your opponents your cards during the hand LOL!!

  36. 5:50 raise it u need protection he will most likely call anyway

  37. Hello everybody.
    I am a pokerstars player for a long long time and I have a great experience in online poker, particularly Sit&Go games and tournaments. I will abstain myself from detailed description of my gaming style, period and everything that could help to determine who am I. I am going to spread this message in every poker forum, just to talk to the people who arent yet decided to make online poker a part of their life.

    I have red books, articles, forums, watched much videos, video lessons that purely describes every situation in poker, learned a lot of strategies for each game type, that are different depending on game speed, tournament stage (especially if you join tournament at your late registration), number of participants at the table where you acting, blind size, position etc. Ive participated at discussions at many online poker forums. I saw many disappointed people (truly, 98% of all online poker players) and a couple of freaks who were rejoicing posting their results of the only tournament they have occasionally won in near past. And, guess what I have understood? – All this time is spent in vain. SO MUCH HOURS OF MY LIFE! I dont saying this learnt material is bad. It is good as experience. Learned strategies works fine, BUT ONLY FOR OFFLINE TOURNAMENTS. Later you will know why. This small article is a conclusion that has been accumulated during last 10 years.

    About online poker. Main question everybody asks after a bad beat- is the online poker rigged?, is there a possibility to play versus a bot with pre-defined outcome?. Guys, I really dont want to disappoint you. The answer is more yes than no. This situation can have place. First of all, let us remember that the online poker is a money making machine. If youve just minded that I am probably talking about possibility to earn and make money by depositing and playing at the tables as a client – you are silly. Every poker room is dreaming about a possibility to make players playing for 0 income. Yes, just wagering the money around tables making profit for the room, known as rake. Unfortunately for poker rooms, this cannot be achieved so simply. There must be a strategy and a huge work put on it. Poker rooms must attract people (pleasant software, good promotions, high payments (digits) for first place etc. (you know, all these tournaments marked as Big, Bigger, Hot, Hotter, Special and so on..), pretending there are unlimited opportunities to make money, reward programme etc.). Poker rooms must admit and allow that there are losers and also winners, deposits and withdrawals. However, keeping the flow of new attracted clients is vitally important but not an easy thing, thats why there are fishes (players with bad experience) who sometimes just have to win and a sharks (experts) who sometimes have to lose playing versus a fishy player. The balance can only be kept artificially, making adjustments in every field (you should decide yourself what I mean). The down streak of an experienced player is always described as RNG (sorry man, unluck – random number generator), with additional wording – this is a poker, sorry, bad luck today etc. However, the real math statistic shows that there is something wrong with RNG. For example, we never will prove something relevant or understand why online poker have x5 times more bad beat possibility than the offline. For example, when a player loses all his bankroll of $100 by playing 20 tournaments for $5. Everywhere when a definitive situations comes there is a trap. Be ready to go all-in with KK or AA and lose.

    For example:
    1) heavy bad beat at pre-bubble, or close to bubble stage;
    2) the same at final table where, being a chip leader among all players you suddenly lose 70% of your stack with preflop AA all-in and become a shortest stack at the table, consequently, due to the blind size, when BB (big blind) is approaching you probably will be happy to get unsuited AK or suited KQ on hand to take a risk putting all-in on preflop. I call it justified risk. And YOU WILL LOSE, to something just like JT suited, small pocket pair etc.

    Remember that PS is interested in RAKE MAKING, thats why Artificial intelligence will analyze the range of amount when you possibly can decide to request withdrawal. It let you play and win till that sum of money or a bit more. For example, if $50-$150 is a case for requesting withdrawal, then you probably never will take a 1st place in the tournament where you can receive $150 or more. PS makes you deposit not only money but also YOUR TIME TO WORK FOR THEM. Lets have a reverse look. Imagine you had no wins long period of time. You decided to put your All-in on the preflop versus someone who make easy call with AA, but you beat him with your 9K unsuited. That CAN MEAN this player is a sacred victim (here is connected logic with next chest of text) who lose because of poker room wants to rise up your mood and keep you attracted with a game process, knowing you will produce more and more rake.
    In case you made a good withdrawal, for example, you decided to withdraw more than 30% (I presume) of your bank – you are in the list of candidates for suffering next badbeats at the tables.

    Examples. You will lose at:
    Situation 1) All-in with AA on pre-flop (experienced players know that KK or QQ sometimes should be flopped first, depending on situation, and not always worth for pre-flop all-in)
    Situation 2) All-in with a set (for example, 33 on hand after a flop 2 3 4 (no flush draw), when you lose to Ax (x – any blank card) because of 5 which arrives to the turn or river (quite normal situation, when it is not happening twice per hour.)
    Situation 3) AK on hand with flop A K x (x is any blank card) vs player with A9 on hand when at showdown turn and river brings two more 9;
    situation 4) All-in with 78 on hand after the flop 4 5 6, vs hand 99, when suddenly 7 and 8 arrives for the turn and river accordingly. You are shocked but still alive 🙂
    Situation 5) Despite there is only three suited cards at the desk, 2 or even 3! of your opponents at showdown shows flush. One of them is stronger than yours, for sure.

    Not so important, practice shows there is a lot of idiots who squeeze their own balls and go all-in at later stages of tournament with A3 or KT (suited or unsuited) or even with such poor hands as 79, J5 suited or unsuited and something relevant – vs any of your strong pocket pair – JJ and higher. Sometimes it is made just to try to steal the pot, but occasionally shit card arrives and they got the pot (unfortunately, if you performed withdrawal, this percentage can be more than 50% of cases) and you lose, getting flame messages and laughs saying you are the greatest fish (ha-ha-ha and so on..).
    Remember: every hand will turn into your lose, for the favor of one, who is making more rake for the room.

    Conclusion: No, I dont insist. You can still play online poker tournaments, Sunday millions, etc…, if you really do enjoy the game with your rare winnings. But take care of your time, take care of your money, because time is money. You pay twice. And even triple if we count processor time of your PC, which is loaded with PS processes and threads (do you still believe that these processes only tasked to make your game more comfortable?). If you are dependent player, either it takes a lot of time or money to lose, then I would like to advice you to write to the poker room support team to decrease your deposit limits per week. The best would be to decrease them to minimum. Than you cannot reverse it, but after some time (maybe years), you will understand, you made a smart step! By this, you control your gambling. All you can loose is your deposit and lifetime. But…. sometimes really a lot of lifetime, priceless lifetime of your ONLY life in this world, when you could do something else. But probably youve choose to play poker, arent you? :)) Than had a couple of wins, than 6 loses in a row, than 1 win, than 7 loses in a row, and finally arrived to 0 thinking of next deposit. Hope you got THE MESSAGE. Bye.

    P.S. If you like this article, kindly disseminate where you deem it possible 🙂

  38. This video is a testament to why Daniel is in the Hall of Fame.
    Not many great players are willing to do this continue hand-to-hand video which truly gives players a feel the flow.
    Best work ever, Thank you, Daniel!

  39. Hi, watch at 19:12 into the video! Daniels card changes from a 9s to a Qs!

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  43. Ahhh! I want to play real money poker online so bad but don’t trust any of these platforms, even ones endorsed by pros. Hate not being able to KNOW with 100% certainty.

  44. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I absolutely lost it when the guy at 24:22 said “winnipeg was a cool place” in the chat

  45. 1:07 Completely WRONG FOLD at the beggining… That was so embarassing.

  46. Why is Daniel not good at online poker? He folded a good hand that would of been a straight and he doesn’t make the other players pay him when he has a good hand. I get that they can have better cards but it’s hard to beat some of his hands

  47. im still waiting to try and get on gg the process is nuts ur i.d and a bill in ur name like come on lol i live with my father no bills in my name 🙁

  48. he’s advertising the hell out of this site. and its working!!!

  49. wtf is with all this promotion and emoji garbage, just play the fucking game

  50. Bro if i ever get king queen against ur all in im shipping it even w a pair of 8s tbh lol

  51. this has been my favorite video to watch, so much info i feel and all the cool features

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