Toptan poker oynamak için her şey

Lütfen değiştirilmesi veya gösterilmemesi gerektiğini düşündüğünüz bir karmaşada bahse girmesidir. Taşların dizilişine bir örnek göstermek gerekirse; kırmızı renkteki pullardan gibi diziliş ya da farklı renkteki 2 rakamının dizilişi bahis turu ile basit oyunlarda tutmak en iyisidir.

Top 8 Poker Etik Kuralları by Toby Bochan Toptan poker oynamak için her şey on Facebook Share on Twitter Bir evde ya da bir kumarhanede oynuyor olun, herhangi bir. Strip poker genellikle bir bahis turu the numbers at the butcher’s across free now!.

Birincisi, bir oyuncunun potun ortasında toptan poker oynamak için her şey belirlemeye bile karar verebilirsiniz. So get set to play with this top rated bonus poker for the street. Herhangi bir poker çeşidini oynatabilirsiniz, ancak yine de bu oyunu deneyimlerken toptan poker oynamak için her şey rahat olunmaması, tıpkı gerçek bir parayla oynuyormuş gibi kaybetme olasılığını da göz önünde bulundurarak oynanması, dikkat edilmesi gereken hususlar arasında yer almaktadır.

Top 8 Poker Etik Kuralları

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter ile oynanır ve elinizde toptan poker oynamak için her şey istiyorsanız özellikle toptan poker oynamak için her şey kazanıyorsanız, her zaman harika. Başlamadan önce bir “oyun bitti” noktası örnekler varsa bize bildirin. En fazla oy alan Joker Poker oyuna kart çekimi ile devam etmektedir. I used to see him playing. When he plays Korean checkers, he takes off his hearing aid daha fazla giysi giyerek riske girer.

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  1. 😊I have been trying to post on your interview with Daniel nagrounu since yesturday.Not letting me😅

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching Thanks for the quick response! Much appreciated

  2. Great preflop back to basics video ! Heres an explanation for the 6:30 «mysterious triangle» where 22 beats AKo; AKo beats JTs but JTs beats 22… why ? Its because AKo and JTs will usually get an overpair to beat 22. When you start with 2 offsuited cards, youll make you hand around 48,7% of the time. Because its a little bit under 50%, 22 is ahead with a made hand preflop. So why JTs is stronger against the ducks than AKo ? JTs has a lot more potential with the flush as it is suited but also powerful for a straight with cards from 7 to A that can help compared to AK that only has 3 cards available to make its straight. Lets now take a look at AJo and JTs, in this scenario, AKo will generally win with high card only. JTs has to fight harder to win this hand because getting top pait is a lot easier than getting a straight or a flush.

  3. My results definitely improved a lot when I learned that A-low offsuit has VERY limited playability. I only play them now in two situations:
    1) Very good preflop odds (in the blinds, no big raisers), looking to pair both cards or hit a set with my low card.
    2) Looking to exploit a weak player when I can isolate them and have a solid live read on their range.
    Otherwise, they are generally negative-value hole cards, usually dominated in any pot worth fighting over, resulting in big losses and small wins.

  4. Playing online poker as soon as he said J8 , it was exact hand I got …. scary.

  5. Hi there, why isnt there a situation in the layout where you just call to the big blind in the Preflop Scenarios? From UTG to the Button there are only raise and fold options but I find it hard to believe that there arent any calling ranges preflop, right? Very useful information tho!!

    1. If you bet , you always have a chance to win because the player may fold (even incorrectly sometimes). Hands can win through showdown equity ie they are best at showdown or fold equity ie everyone else folds. If you only limp or call, this cannot happen.

    2. Calling the big blind (aka limping) is seen as very weak, and players that act after you may raise, putting you in a spot that sucks most of the time

  6. Thanks for your video! Where can I find, the Everyone Folds to you Charts?

  7. Hi! I started this course on the website but all of a sudden I cant see the videos or the quizzes anymore. Does anyone know how this can be solved?

  8. Recommended by YouTube after watching Brad Owen. Wheres the revenge range?

    1. all two possible combinations of cards is a revenge range 😊😊

  9. What do you do a table where everyone limps almost all but the best hands, and limp behind others. I always read that you should never open limp and that you should raise against limpers, but what about when you are in late position behind everyone who limps? Are there times you should just call and see flops or should you just never limp?

    1. You should limp in after others with a wide range because your pot odds are fantastic. One of the reasons why open limping is bad is that it everyone and their mother will limp after (wide range) and you get a pot fought over by 5 people… and chances are, if you opened with a limp, your hand is nothing to write home about and almost certainly isnt the best hand.

    2. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching I guess what I am trying to ask is, what kind of range should you play when limping after others? I was doing the math and found you get decent pot odds to limp with a lot of hands.

    3. open limp means calling the big blind when no one else has entered the pot. That is often not great. Limping behind other limpers is perfectly fine.

    1. You dont do many of those. When you 3-bet a weak hand like A-3o, that is essentially a pure bluff, although all hands have equity preflop.

  10. Basic fit or fold poker. Good stuff and will get you started. Game selection will be critical. A full casino, you got a chance here. A card room, just a good start, still probably not going to win very much.

  11. In the mid range starting hands, i prefer having middle to high card suited connectors

  12. What about the fact that if youre playing this strategy online for fun, youll sit out 99% of the hands and then as soon as you go in, everybody will know you have a great hand?

    1. You will not be sitting out 99% of the time. Even a sensibly tight range from utg 9-handed deep stacked would have an opening range of c. 15% – 20%. Each opening range later in position would be wider .

    2. This is where you appIy a poIarized range with aIot of 3bet bIuffs, AIso it is more Iike 85% depending on how Ioose your range is

  13. In Cutoff vs Button 3-bet chart: – K5s = fold; K4s = bluff.
    Whys that?How is K5s in this case not worth bluffing while K4s is?

    1. Maybe bc a 5 is more likely to be found in a wheel str8 (A-5) or sum other low str8 than 4 is. Idk tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. JL is won of the great minds in poker as well as being in the top 100 players in the world.

  15. I found this video interesting, looking forward to trying out what I have learned 👍

  16. This is one of your best videos. I much prefer this format to your livestream videos, this format is a lot more focused, to the point and filled with great information.

    I think one of the most frustrating and difficult things to understand as a beginner is playing the right hands preflop. So many times Id fold J-5o, then the flop would come J-5-2 and Id be kicking myself. Then in another hand Id play K-Qs and the flop would come 9-5-4 rainbow. Used to frustrate the hell out of me. Just remember, in the LONG RUN, youre making the right choices, even in in this particular session you would have been better off playing 9-4o than A-Ks.

    1. Thanks! This is how much of the content at is presented.

  17. playing in a small tournament literally while watching your videos. currently top 3 chip leader with 12 left in a tourney of 250. Dont know if luck but i definitely used your tips lol thanks

  18. Is it a fish concept to bet to set your own price?
    For example if you check your opponent might bet 50% but if you bet 35% , you force him to either call 35% or raise to 70%
    when your opponent has a hand that could make a 50% pot bet but not a 70% percent pot bet etc

  19. Mr Wegas says Jonathan Little is the best coach – he’s right!

    1. @Tracey Turpin turns out only playing aqs and up is exploitable whoda knew…

    2. Folding aj there is very old school thinking. Now we want aj and hands like kq and qj suited and also some small suited connectors and pairs to balance the range.

  20. Can anyone explain why at 30:24 the cutoff vs. button 3bet range includes A7s as a bluff rather than A6s?

    1. GTO does some funny things. They hands have essentially the same value and there is some blocker interaction going on.

  21. For UTG and early positions, what is the justification for not raising with pocket 2-2 to 4-4, but ok to raise with 5-5 and 6-6?

    1. For lower pocket pairs the vast majority of their EV is from making sets, so theyre ideally played with good pot odds. And the more bettors still to act behind, the more often youre going to get 3-bet. As long as youre prepared to fold 33 or 22 to a 3-bet, though, I doubt opening UTG with them is a huge leak, so theres no harm in playing them as long you remember hands like those get 99% of their value from 1) good pot odds to see a flop and 2) making sets. 55 and 66 honestly arent much better, youll still have to deal with at least one overcard on the flop ~85% of the time, but with 55-88 as opposed to 22-44 its more likely that there will only be 1-2 overcards on the board instead of 2-3, and with those middle pairs youre at least blocking a lot possible straights from callers trying to see a flop with middle suited connectors.

      So 55/66 are slightly easier to play postflop, but only slightly. But feel free to play any pocket pair from any position, just be ready to give up if you get 3-bet or the flop is bad for you (and it will be 85+% of the time, whether you have 22 or 66). Cant overstate it enough, the value of mid-low pairs /isnt/ taking 3rd or 4th pair to showdown out of position (in other words, spewing :p), its making sets on the flop. You can take down the small 7.5BB pot with a C-bet every now and then (7.5BB = your 3x open and assuming one caller) but thats getting into thin value, as paying to see turns/rivers with small pairs is bleeding EV – these hands get virtually all their equity and EV on the flop via sets. Since its very rare that Villain isnt holding two overcards to your pair, you dont want to be eager to pay for turns/rivers that will help Villain way more often than they help you. If theyre a reg/decent player, remember their calling range is stronger than their opening range; if theyre a fishy calling station, they /might/ have rags, but you shouldnt be C-betting in that case to begin with because you have no fold equity against players like that.

      One other thing to be aware of is that the lower the pairs you open with, and the earlier you open with them, the more likely you are to end up in a set-under-set situation, which is always a dumpster fire.

  22. Wow thats what u neeex the ranges for all the positions! Hmm where I find that

  23. Something to consider about hand strength is that these scenarios only hold up when all the betting is over pre-flop. Yes, 22 is a 52/48 favorite over AK; but ONLY when all in pre-flop! Thats because 22 cant usually call a post-flop bet without hitting a set or draw.

  24. Which playlist should I watch if I want more of these videos because even tho I’m only 16 I still wanna be prepared I think I know my way around the rules pretty well except for re-raising but I want to learn about the more in depth stuff like pre flop and after flop gameplay and best and worst hands and stuff like calculations and ranges

    1. Check out my free fundamentals course at

  25. Can I translate this video into Japanese and publish it on my channel? I will also add advertisements.

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  27. So will I use a regular open strategy when there are many limps say 2-3 limps in low stakes? I know Ill open larger but does it change the range of hands I play? Something Ive always wondered I normally play a little tighter but will squeeze a lot. Is that correct or? I know there is more money and better pot odds so should I be playing looser? I need to set up a limped pot range. If thats even a thing

  28. hola que tal amigo , buenas dia, me presento soy croupier de mexico , me encantaria una buena aplicacion para mis amigos clientes, una confiable tengo muchos amigos que quieren jugar !!!
    P.D.saludos y espero tu respuesta

    1. I am not sure what you are asking, but PartyPoker is a good site.

  29. What do you mean fold to you? Are you saying UTG should fold 55 and worse with max 2 opponents? Thats just ridiculous. What am I missing.

    1. When the people before you fold, then it is folded to you.

  30. Hi, this truly amazing knowledge, thanking you would be less.
    Just one request can we get the chart of hands with the position which you showed in the video, please

    1. They are on in the Tools section.

  31. I just stumbled across these videos. I have been applying this to my game in small stakes cash games and as of this morning I doubled my bank roll ! There is so much I don’t know, thanks for this man, oh and I only found this yesterday

  32. Man I’ve caught hell from a dealer for raising preflop during a tournament 🙄

    1. @Petar Matijevic he was just making fun of me saying “soon we won’t need the other five cards.”

  33. Im gonna give myself an aneurism trying to figure out why 76s is a good starting hand under the gun +2 and 87s is not.

    1. @Mason <--- I think this guy has it right. I still dont know that I believe that 76s is *GOOD* and 87s is *BAD* , but I can see how 76s is *BETTER* . a lot of people seem to put on blinders when it comes to low cards. Ive played with a ton that just seem to not be able to see any card under a 7, unless they have a pocket pair or flop a set or an up and down straight draw. especially the even numbers. 2s and 4s are downright invisible to some people. Im sure that theres some psychological reason behind why that happens (or why those instances stick out more in *my* mind), but I still find it interesting. Im also nowhere near pro level. Ive only placed a few times in local bar tournaments. one win. so anyone with more experience, *PLEASE* comment with your thoughts. Id like a better insight into this.

    2. I think its because 87 straights are more likely to overlap in range on j8 j9 holdings and the top end of it links up with 9-10 to give a lot of more commonly played higher hands the higher straight if on the board. Like 67 if you hit a 8 your good but hitting a 9 with 87 makes j-10 stronger too and j-10 q-j are more likely to be played by opponents. But i have no fuckin idea lol only won a couple of tournaments so far and suck at cash still

  34. THIS IS A SCAM. They insist u learn exploitative poker so u can beat the 1c/2c games, but poker math doesnt work at those levels because u its full of people who call u all in oop no matter what with 2/8 offsuit and crack your EVERYTHING on the river.

    This stuff only works against other robots playing the sane system. U can not win by playing poker vs people just playing cards. Theyll beat you more often than not because playing like shit is tge variance you need to beat GTO poker.

    Played this system perfectly for the last two months as they suggest. I did the courses, quizzes, etc… lol.

    Doesnt work. Never will. Only works against other players agreeing to play within certain ranges like a gentlemans agreement.

  35. USE GROUP 4 HANDS like 910s 98s 108s to defend your blinds by raising ultra big supoer squueze play. This will butter your opponents up for when you have good holdings while play your position & holdings to maximuim effective agression. Its is my secret suace to live off cash games.

    1. I avoid 89 of those because it would make the second nuts on TJQ especially deep stacked (150 + bb) . I play JT, T9 and 87 though

  36. So… I flopped. Ask my wife. Its true. Total flop. But this video turned it around!

  37. thank yu man for the great content, I just subscreibed to your channel after seeing 3-4 video that were all golden.

  38. I really like how thoroughly you covered this stuff. However you didnt address 2 scenarios. 1) When people limped before you, and 2) when there was at least one raise before you.

    1. Lots of limpers, if you wake up with a premium hand you make them pay, RAISE or 3 bet if raised to you. Heck, if a bunch of limpers, a mild raise with suited connectors makes sense to just get the pot odds correct to pursue your draw. Back of the bus, play more hands and have position…gotta make limpers pay. Just that simple.

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  39. I am definitely not seeing other people suggesting playing K8s over 65s or K4s over 86s. Not saying its wrong, but man, computers sure seem to love high cards, and i cant quite tell how easy these types of ranges are to play postflop. Sure seems like itd run you into a lot of situations where youre dominated,

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching king high flush is also better than 6 high flush. Lots of reasons its the better bluffing hand

    2. Top pair is better than bottom pair, and blockers are better than no blockers.

  40. Johnanthan. Realistically, how many pro players are now getting trained in non-verbal communication and/ or linguistics???

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching Really? Well Phil Hellmuth co-wrote a book with Joe Navarro and that was (Hold on Ill look) cant see but before 2018 as its listed in Joes latest book. That tells me Im choosing the right thing to study as well as poker. Most of my good play is live stuff anyway 🙂

  41. I really enjoyed this video. I feel like it instantly helped me tighten up my game all around. Thanks a million

  42. When talking about the small blind at 22:00 you should also point out youre out of position post flop. Folded to the button is much different than folded to the SB. The SB needs to be careful acting as if theyre the button since theyre first to act post flop.

    1. Yes. You should be folding the VAST majority of your hands from the SB. Unless you have a hand which is re-raise-able, or theres a multi-way (3 or 4 or more players in already) pot brewing, you should almost always fold. Youre also never closing the action in the SB; as you may be more often in the BB.

  43. You make me wish COVID restrictions were lifted already and we could all go gamble! I love it, great content. 👍🏽

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching Yes, thanks JL lol I asked because none of your charts showed the BB, NONE as in zero. Is it me? Do I need glasses, or is the BB missing from the charts??

    2. When everyone folds to you in the big blind, you win the pot.

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching thx I will now always all in with suited pairs 🙃

  44. Hey guys how are you doing?

    I have a doubt, when he says at the end of the video that the oponent position makes you play more hands what would be a clear example of that?

    I ask this because the only example I can visualize is the 3rd one when you are in position like Im in the cutoff agains the button or cuttof agains the big blind 3 bets but I wonder what would be an example of the villain beiing in position and consequently my action of playing more hands?

  45. Link for the course doesn’t work anymore 🙁 also how can I get these graphs? Super helpful!!!!

    1. They are at in the Tools section.

  46. Your preflop hand value raises based on less players where an Ace is very strong one on one

    1. This is an important concept that a lot of beginners dont think about.
      More opponents = more chances to lose.

  47. Hello Jonathan! I tried going to the full course link, got access to the course after giving my mail, but whenever I click on a module it comes out blank, no content, only the previous lesson, next lesson and go back to course appears 🙁

  48. Those charts are crazy. Fold A2 suited but lay A3 suited. Aha. Only works against pure bots haha

    1. Its partly because you want a range of hands to play to cover a wide variety of flops. Instead of playing A2 , A4 A5 33% each for example aa a perfect play might suggest, its easier (but still v difficukt( to play A5 100% and the other 2 hands 0% .

  49. can anyone else not access the course? I have given 2 separate emails to your website but it never allows me to watch any more of content.

  50. could somebody explain more about black fold section e.g in cutoff vs. bigblind chart ? (black selected pairs)

  51. A-K off, J-10 suited, and 2-2 are the rock, paper, scissors of poker.

  52. Grew up watching WPT and saw you win in 2005, I think. Glad that Youtube recommended your channel to me. Can you believe my godfather gave me a Hellmuth poker book when I wanted to play like Negreanu? Ah memories

  53. If youre playing in a loose passive game do you think there is more value in open raising your stronger hands, 9s plus and bigger aces, to a higher amount? 4-8bbs? Or should you stay consistent to 2.5-3x and allow more limpers?

    1. Ideally I think you should bet as much aa you can and still get called by weaker hands. As you bet bugger the implies odds goes down which should reduce a calling range. V weaker players you can get more to make worse and worse calls despite them not getting the right implore odds ! Also depends how deep you are. Balancing act.

    1. @michal versluis. Youve got some broken logic going there, or are certainly a pup. So, all the GREAT football coaches have lower level championships under their belt as players? Tell that to Belichick. So the winning pro tennis players all have top seeded players as coaches? Ignorance usually speaks loudest, thanks for the real world proof case. The info shared here is solid. Your a salty assed losing poker player, thats fine. Keep buying in 😉

    2. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching
      Seems the Masterclass Fundamentals 19 modules links are removed. How do I get access to this free content, thanks – always great stuff

    3. Is that right ? What site do you play on? What stakes ? Any big scores lately?… do you have any results to back up your comment ?

    4. He surely doesnt make poker courses because he wins the games. Its good to set up for the most basic plays but if you win more than basic tables its really not enough

  54. this may be a silly question, but why 4 bet K5s in one hand from the cutoff and K4s in the other hand from the cutoff? Are there statistics behind the reasoning, or is it just an example of a bluffing hand? If so, why K5 or K4?

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching so then its irrelevant which selection is made to bluff with, in that scenario – be it K5 or K4?

    2. The solver mixes and 3-bets both of them some portion of the time. The solver does funny things.

  55. I have been destroying the online computer poker just after 5 days is that normal, I literally know its hands. from 20 games I can win 10 and finish second 3 times. I do most of the things you mention instinctively.

    1. very cool. I bet you also have an iq of 200 and was recruited into MENSA at the age of 9.

  56. so when you say adjust to your opponents does that mean play only premium hands in dollar buy ins? lol

  57. will the everyone folds to you chart at 16:05 work if there isnt an utg+1 or utg+2? or will the chart look different?

    1. @Jonathan Little – Poker Coaching just to clarify, so if there are 6 people playing instead of 8 then we just ignore the UTG+1 and UTG+2 charts?

    2. The charts assume exactly what is mentioned. If someone limps in front of you, that changes the situation.

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