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  1. In my view the real one is bouz.monster/azr-guide/
    I used it today

  2. Responce to your number 1 reason … I call that getting Durred … lol …. youve played against Tom Dwan enough … you know … 😄

    Ask The Una Bomber how much he hates getting Durred … 😄

  3. Reason number 1 and the only one that matters, they are rigged, DONT PLAY OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY

  4. One of the main things Ive noticed is that players seem to be afraid to take a break; out of fear of missing out on a big hand. While you cant really do it in a tournament, you should take regular breaks in cash games; especially if youre upset and/or steaming and tilted. Youre much more likely to be missing out on losers than winners. When you do, dont be afraid to miss blinds! The best time to be away is when youre out of position. Then you can re-post behind the button. Its the best place to be putting in dead money!

  5. The number one reason youre losing is youre playing online and its rigged.

  6. I remember a tilt from years ago. A new guy joined the table (online) and kept over betting every hand, mostly bluffing. When he was called on his bluffs, he was getting lucky and hitting his bad hands (like 2, 6 off suet). I decided I had had enough and started calling all his hands, because I had a deep enough stack to do it for a while. Eventually I knocked him out of the game and made a nice profit to boot.

    It is the only time I ever played with the goal of punishing an opponent, no matter what. I was lucky that no one else knocked me out while I was trying to knock him out. I think, for the most part, they sat back and let us duke it out.

  7. Confidents and awareness of the tables aggression and weaknesses must come into it.

  8. My Canadian friend you are without a doubt my mentor your amazing player a humble player and every day I try hard to follow in your footsteps 4th thanks for all the videos you make

  9. I just lost $50 on bovada because idiots keep calling raises and getting lucky on the turn or river. Done!

    1. If there is are idiots like that, wait until you have a good hand. Bluffing doesnt work well at low stakes.

  10. Thank you Daniel
    I am a firm believer in presence of mind and you are a living legend!

  11. The best way to become a millionaire in poker quickly is to start with a billion dollars 🤣

  12. Well, the first reason why someone might be losing at poker, is that, as in any game of luck, the odds of winning are very low, and so youre investing in the worst possible deal. Theres very few people that get lucky and take the money from the vast majority that doesnt. The odds of you ending up being in the vast majority thats just wasting their money away are very high.

  13. I don’t care what the internet guys say, you’re the Goat Daniel and a pure class act, always appreciate you being yourself! Congrats on the tourney win!

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  15. I just watched a video on Brads channel and he got up because of the #3 reason. I wonder if he watched this video too…

  16. You’re so sweet and honest. That’s why you kicked a…. all the time. 😉

  17. There is only 1 reason why you are losing at poker its a rigged game

  18. YouTube’s algorithm is so basic
    You give great advice in all your vids

    But put it as a list in the title
    “5 reasons”
    YouTube amplifies this and boom 2 mill views

  19. Reason one….. you play…..2….you play….3…you play….4….you play..5…you play.

  20. I tilt like the leaning tower. Which is why I play Omaha. Either lose my money I brought or hit hared and get out of there. I do not know how you hold em players are profitable in cash games lower stakes.

  21. #1 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #2 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #3 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #4 You arent promoting the sites. So, if you would win, you would be taking money out of the ecosystem. The sites wont let you win, because you arent gonna bring more player traffic on to the sites. Online Poker Is Rigged For Promoters And Streamers Doing Collaboration With The Sites To Rip You Of.
    Or Rigged To Even The Money With Fishes And Sharks, So The Only Winner Will Be The House.
    #5 You arent a close friend with the owners of the sites so you arent rigged to win so you lose.
    I was heavily winning player for over 200k hands, then sudden doomswitch. I cant win a single hand. I need to fold fullhouses, second nuts, nothing is good. I even folded straight KK preflop, because knew there was BB aces waiting to fuck me. And there they were, just before money, waiting me to shove in. I have video proof about this. And the AA didnt even held. Pocket TT ran a set. Nice, basic online poker.
    Then the first time ever donkeys. Shoves preflop all in w 52, Q3, J4 etc. Rans flushes, straights, fullhouses against my pocket AA. Every time, they are cracked.
    Fun fact. Pocket AA NEVER HOLDS in FINAL TABLES! NEVER! I have seen and experienced 100% cracked aces in final tables. BullFuckingShit.

  22. Online sites are basic fraud machines designed to take your money.

  23. just have to have confidence and look back at every session and try to improve, win or lose.

  24. i always try to be joyful when on the table no matter win or lose

  25. many time i lose when pair of ace and king i did not expect this and online sites fix cards

  26. 3 times in one night I had a flush after the flop was dealt only to be beaten by a higher flush when a 4th suited card came out.

  27. The best trick is :
    Take one game at a time… And forget your wins and loses

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  30. Playing to many hands is amateur # 1.5. Lol. Us amateur play to many hands with face cards out of position & limp in to much with strong hands.

  31. Top #1 reason to losing is accepting heads-up challenge with Doug Polk :/ sorry, just joking:]

    I really root for you in there, I hope you can turn it around, but Doug is fantastic player so Its gonna be hard 🙂

  32. But loosing is the best way to learn you mistake and improve your skills at the tables.

  33. Can someone share the link to Jason Summerville twitch link please?

  34. If good knowledge of a topic can be measured in ability to explain the topic, then I dont understand poker at all. BTW what is the channel with Jason Summerwille

  35. hes just my all time favorite player – love watching his play, love his strategy and advice – and hes a damn funny guy too . . .

  36. YOU are RONG daniel # 1 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #2 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #3 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #4 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK and #5 its because YOU THINK YOU ARE A POKERGOD AND THE BEST OVERALL PLAYER …..YOU ARE RONG DANIEL !!!! POKERGOD NAME IS PHIL IVEY NOT DANIEL NEGREANU BAHAHABAHAHAABBUAHAHA!!!

  37. #1 reason – Luck

  38. In my view the real one is exde.monster/azr-guide/64z
    I used it today

  39. Your solve for reason number 1 tilt is a technique therapists call mindfulness its the greatest technique you can learn as a poker player

  40. I remembered when someone tried to bluff me, i still betted no matter how alot he is raising, he got only a pair of 4 while i got fullhouse

  41. My biggest problem is that I have a beer which turns into 6 and I lose track of how loose Im calling and going all in. I guess it qualifies as tilt. Im working on sobering up completely and Im hoping for things to change

  42. what i do when i get upset(if you call it that) on a hand that the person shouldnt of been in after a big pre flop raise, is to think on what steps i took to win a decent hand, that gets me back to the basics and clears my head, gotta learn how to avoid those landmines(people who play bad hands for no reason). Short term memory on bad hands is key to poker.

  43. I like how Daniel just explained mindfulness without realizing it.

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  46. Played 1-2 and 1-3 tables last week at Winstar for the first time, and I cant help the adrenaline rushes when I raise. My fingers get shaky even if I have the nuts. Any tips?

  47. itd be nice if more detail and effort was put in daniel i know you do alot but your rich were not post more videos bro dont let us down you have power

  48. I learned that when you are winning , stay on the table because they are tilting and take advantage of the situation. I have seen many players hit and run when they double their money and I laughed so hard when they did.

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  50. If you dont play poker and you dont go to casino you are the winner man!!

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  52. When i first started playing poker i was good at knowing when to bluff but suddenly i became scared to bluff because everyone at the home game plays any hand like 85 offsuit even when i raise preflop

  53. Reason #1 through infinity:

    Youre playing with GGs money against someone clearly better than you in an online grudge match.

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