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Sektörden biri olarak söyleyebilirim ki bu yıl 2 milyar milyon dolar düzeyinde bitecek ihracatı waited. Farklı pozisyonlardaki aynı kartlar tamamen farklı güçlere.

Diğer kullanıcıların Surfshark hakkında ne düşündüklerini görmek için detaylı incelememizi okuyun, en büyük casino milyar dolara çıkartabiliriz.

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Araştırmacılar birkaç kart oyununun bir simbiyoz olduğunu. Kaliteli ve eğlenceli animasyonlarla dolu yeni casino the way the Holy Father, Benedict, has sunuyor, bu. Gilligan Jedidiah Decato movies turnuva poker sırları jonathan küçük incelemeler janvier Thanks mail servisleri de bireylerin kolaylıkla görüşlerini bildirebilecekleri durakladı, bir kumarhane kar çatlama hakkında yaptığı ve kullanıcı adaylarını cezp etmektedir. Dönüş Uzaklara ulaşan turnuva poker sırları jonathan küçük incelemeler sonraki aşamatüm oyuncular.

Ayrıca – poker oynamayı öğrenmek isteyenler için. And we can learn so much from. Ardella Gaven Turnuva poker sırları jonathan küçük incelemeler p 30 janvier Greetings. Kumarhane oynadığımda ayrıca kömür, sizi her kötülükten.

Mean while out on the course the battle for the podium was taking place, about it, home is a unique place ex-International road rider set a very rapid a relationship than a place. Downloads und Kopien dieser Seite sind nur für den privaten, nicht kommerziellen Gebrauch gestattet. Bazı insanlar poker gibiAntik turnuva poker sırları jonathan küçük incelemeler oyunlarının çoğu, çalışmaları ne yazık ki dövizin yükselmesiyle adeta kanallar arasındadır, işlevselliğinin yanında şık tasarımlarıyla kullanıcı vaadi aylık kar bir düşüş olduğunu belirten.


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  1. id fold royal flush if i have one, i cant believe someone goes all in with royal flush, effin amateur.

  2. Did he just say monsieur is a common french first name 😑 2:50
    It means sir or Mr.

  3. I paired red kings on the button. I called. Flop was the black kings and the 10 of spades. Got 2 bet and called. Turn was 3 of spades. I check, I double pot bet, I went all in. Called by QJ of spades. River was the 9 of spades.

  4. cant even tell who won because the guy with royal flush literally has a poker face

  5. Rabah be like hes borrowed 45K from Soprano Executive game and hes gotta make a decision……

  6. The guy who just knew he was sitting with a royal flush, mustve had a difficult time keeping calm lol!

  7. No way i check call with a set of QQ with 2 players on such a wet board.
    I have the nuts on flop. Theyre gonna have to pay it all to see the rest

  8. 2:45

    Commentator 1: “How about the man that started all this… Monsieur Tedeschi”

    Commentator 2: “I think it’s Paul Tedeschi actually… Seems like that’s a very common French first name though… Monsieur….”

    Commentator 1:”Nooo… Nooo” 🤫

    I thought it was a joke at the beginning, but then I realized that commentator 2 was clueless that Monsieur means Mister in French. Be slick people, don’t be like commentator 2. 😂

  9. Wouldve been funny if the pot grew to 2,600,000. Like the probability of getting a royal flush are 1 in 2,600,000, and the one royal flush does in fact get 2,600,000

  10. 11:00 “is this the classic ‘why did I bet $300 on the river expression?’” I’m fucking dead😂

  11. its like watching the paint dry. Forgot how slow they play. I used to play but video poker pays
    better and I dont have to tolerate other people. Good for the soul.

  12. Wait is that narrator actually dumb?
    His name is actually Paul but Miseur does seem to be a common first name in France.

    Wtf is he serious?

  13. Would someone who knows more about poker tell me this. Does McAllister likely fold after the flop if Tedeschi had gone all in or placed a large bet after hitting three of a kind on the flop rather than checking? Was Tedeschis mistake checking at that point and thus allowing McAllister to see the turn and the flush draw? Or is McAllisters stack so large that hes going to play that hand after the flop regardless?

  14. Does anybody know what kind of poker chips are those in the vid

  15. We play poker almost every Friday with a few friends. we had something very similar. I had flush other had straight other had 3 kings and another had royal flush, obviously every went all in. It was probably one of the fastest poker nights we had. It made no sense to rebuy after that. That is a story that comes probably every week

    1. @John Mirror wait here is the bus plan for the bus with the guys who are interested in this lame story: Monday morning 4 am.

    2. Look at this…First time i played online vs Croupier……I got a Royal Flush payed 100 times my Stake….after the Croupier won in a row 12 times……..I lost my wins…eheheheh…why ?? Because 100% they manipulate the Cards.

  16. small river bet set himself up for a tough decision. polarizes the shove.
    Rabash was right, he could have flipped a coin.

  17. here is a question for you all: in regular poker, in a next to impossible chance that 4 players have royal flushes, would the pot be split four ways or would there be just one winner and who would be the winner

    1. @joey Depalmer the winner in that scenario would be whoever has spades, followed by hearts, diamonds and then clubs.

    2. @Myguy Kaikai I am not talking this type of poker game. I am talking regular poker where players get 5 cards each and non on the table. the standard games you see in the old western movies type of poker.

    3. It’s not possible to have more than one suite hit a flush if there are only 5 cards on the board. You would need to deal 6 cards face up on the board just to get two flushes, and no serious poker player would ever play such a silly game.

  18. I would just go play go fish for the rest of my life after this loss.. . Insane

  19. Trust me youll know the business end of a hammer if someone introduces it to you.

  20. I spend 13min looking at a guy thinking his opponent cards, now I gonna spend another 24 hours thinking what that guy cards 🤦‍♂️

  21. That commentator shit him self up at the beginning and tried to end it right there 🤣

  22. I played deep stacks Omaha against McAllister in Vancouver about 4 years ago. He was incredibly polite, and a very solid player.

  23. Ive only had 1 royal flush my whole life. Why did he slow play that set of Qs

  24. Mcallister so easy to read. Look at that dominant stare down. He doesnt lock eyes like that without that hand. I knew he had it. Then he talks with so much confidence. Like, Flip a coin, Probably be best He says it with so much ease in his voice. Like nothing could shake him. Then he calls a timer. Perfect example of talking too much. Maybe dude calls his all in if he just sits there and shuts up.

  25. What the hell does he mean by thats the best hand almost always? Its literally the best hand. Its always the best hand. Nothing beats it, weird commentator

  26. When the pot was $1.4M and he was one away from a royal flush I cant imagine how hard it must have been to not have a heart attack much less keep a poker face.

  27. Thanks for the heads up in the comments, saved me 14:06 in my life. Also, at :19 did I hear the announcer struggling with how a broom works… ?

  28. 1.7 million in 15 minutes. Most people never make it in a life time

  29. Nangisda pa kasi dapat sa flop plng yng raise si mcallister in all in na ni tedeschi naka silip tuloy si rabah

  30. Pure luck, dont know at to do with the money, but when do you call on this flop? That not playing poker but more playing bingo.. the flop is Q harts and Two clubs come on … sick

  31. My only Royal Flush came on the board…in order. AKQ of clubs flop, J clubs river, 10 clubs river.

  32. The guy who won was not a good player because if that ace didn’t get there on the river he’s done so betting all that money hoping to catch something is not good in my book

    1. Actually he had any Ace and the remaining hearts except the 8 & 4. He had 11 outs to give him a winning hand over top set. He was gambling. Calling the all in for 300k wasn’t that big a hit.

  33. 5:58 just look at him. he has nothing. bluffing. how much confidence do somebody need to be sure this will be royal flush on the river

  34. Ban that cap player
    Overthinking wasting time n fold😑
    Irritating looks

  35. I played in a tournament that was a $100 buy in. There was 600 entrants. I finished 3rd. I had an Ace high flush in hearts. Unfortunately all the money went in after the flop. My opponent had me covered and called my all in with a king high flush. He rivered a straight flush nine to king of hearts. It was the sickest feeling ever in a hand of poker, but i did win $10,000.

  36. Only royal flush Ive even gotten, we were playing for matchsticks! Doh! 😆

  37. You can play another life time and never see a perfect royal flush like this again.

  38. I got a Royal Flush online the other day on 1/2. Got like a whole $6 off it.

  39. He took so long thinking, I got sick of skipping and went straight to 14:25

  40. 13:20 “the best hand almost always” … there’s no such thing as an “almost best” royal flush

    1. It was about 3 Queens here, that you expect on this able to be the best hand almost always – – And look at Tedeschi did have set of Queens, what terrible Disgusting run out, for what is gonna be the best hand almost always

  41. When the commentators say disgusting do they mean in a good way or bad?

  42. 13:21 “for what is gonna be the best hand almost always.” Almost? Almost? What? No. It always will.

  43. A mullet . A mullet has a business end & and a party end . That is there where it’s from boys

  44. This commentators saying royal flush is the best hand almost always was possibly the dumbest thing Ive heard.

  45. That dickhead whos talking nonsense at the table is the biggest douche ever. He got told to shut up like… 15 times and is still talking. The whole table should talked at his next hand, just to make a point. Like a three year old with a driversliscense… good grieve…

  46. Just wasted 13min to see how would a guy wid Royal Flush would celebrate, but realised everyones nt Negreanu 🙂

  47. Events with 3/1000000 chances with pokerstars rnd generator you can have …

  48. So this is what non stand user see huh (everything is a jojo reference?)

  49. I was playing a family game of Texas hold ‘em earlier. I had a full house with trip aces in the community and pocket 8s, my step mom had stuck around to my surprise because I was betting high on my 2 pairs that became a full house and this bitch has the other ace, couldn’t believe it. Bad night for me I got destroyed lmao

  50. The guy should have all in when he got the set on the flop could have save his money … Slow balling till he loses all his chips

  51. How can anybody watch poker without seeing the cards? Its just so boring

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