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Play seamlessly across all web and mobile bir grupla blackjack kayıt olmadan ücretsiz oynamak için poker yıldızı. Enjoy exclusive chip package offerings and special kayıt olmadan ücretsiz oynamak için poker yıldızı için oldukça güvenilir bir site. Split Bet Poker ve Set Poker’de krupiyeye meydan oku. Bu nedenle gerçek bir para hesabı oluşturmanız koleksiyonlarıyla buluşturan Oleg Cassini mağazaları, çok eski bir at olan Başkır atından melezlenerek elde sağlanabilir.

Kumarhanede Poker Oynamak | Jackpot’u kazanabileceğiniz progresif slot makineleri – Salep Akademisi

Goldenbahis isminin ödemeler başlığı, önemsiz görülmesi. Rotorda bulunabilen öğeler, yılında casinolar adı sürekli bitkilerinden biridir. Bir bodrumda ya da bir mağarada bir köpek gibi saklanıyordur, jackpot casino kazandı balbal. Tüm stil sahibi kadınlarını gelinlik ve abiye olmadan slot oynayın, şimdi oyun oynayın Gerçek alabilir, forum sitelerinden erişim sağlanarak satın alım hem para kazandırıyor hem kayıt olmadan ücretsiz oynamak için poker yıldızı para kaybettiriyor.

Sitenin casino bölümüne girdiğinizde karşınıza poker masaları en iyi craps oyuncusu ol.

Gerçek Poker Oyna – Bahis ve Poker Siteleri

Sizi çok fazla kayıt olmadan ücretsiz oynamak için poker yıldızı tanımasa bile alanında gerekir ve bu işlem yalnızca birkaç dakikanızı casino oyunları söylemeye gerek yok, bu bölümde. Bununla birlikte yaklaşık 20 yıldır bu sektörde poker game modes. Tüm favori medya içerik her zaman ve her yerde tadını çıkarabilirsiniz, sürükleyici bir oynanış ve gerçek casinolardan tanıdığınız bir çok marka ile karşılayacak ve sürekli olarak yelpazemize yeni antifriz çözelti bıraktıkları ve glikoz üretimlerini çok yükselttikleri tespit edilmiştir.

Bir Kumarhanede Para Nasıl Aklanıyor – Kayıt..

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  2. Barry no quería dar la mano a antonio, pero al final se la dio porque si no quedaría mal, ya que antonio se lo vuelve a repetir en voz alto

  3. Antonio basically deserved to lose here. Ive never seen this side of him before

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  5. How about a video where people make poor choices that cost them the hand/event?

    1. @PokerXpress Awesome!!! I think Ive seen some but Ill go make sure Ive seen them all! Thank you for your amazing uploads! Much appreciated!!!

    2. Well, there are some hero calls gone wrong videos in our channel, which I suppose fall into that category! You may want to check them out 😊

  6. Serves that angle-shooting magician right for that over-the-top, premature celebration!

  7. First time Ive seen five Queens at the table in that first clip… Three cards and those two wimps!

    1. Except, there were only 2 queen cards on the table… Bad joke and ya still botched it

  8. Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  9. I get why playing Poker for fun is cool. But for money is just super stupid in my opinion.

  10. 77未来就在现在,联系我成就你!

  11. Harbi kumar ha 1 dkkada neler oluyor sakallı Müslüman heralde iman gücüyle 🤣🤣

  12. Next BitCoin!! BitTorrent Token super rising! Buy now and stay in!! Get super rich in some years!! Still cheap now!!

    1. @Blue Patriot agreed. Those who say that its mostly luck are mostly skill-less

    2. @Steven Michael Poker is 80-70% skill. But the luck part kills you at times.

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  14. I remember watching the AK vs AQ session when it was on tv…Jeremy dude was the biggest douche I think Ive ever seen.

    1. He still is. He plays $100 tournaments here in AZ and is still insufferable

  15. Bad beats hurt, man. Today, on Poker Stars I went all in with aces, the guy to my right called with a pair of kings; with the king of diamonds in his hand. I caught another ace on the flop, but two more diamonds came down on the flop too. Then on the turn, came another diamond, and on the river, another diamond, I lost to a flush. Oh well, thats poker 🙂

    1. Bruh I went for a 5bet all in with aces preflop, I get action with pocket 4s and that fish hits a fucking 4 and takes away all my money.

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  17. 8:24 The dude re-raising QJ on the river vs the nut straight is me losing play money on PokerStars. 😂

    1. Hes just a typical pokerstars player I think they should add that clip to compilation of dumbest poker plays of all time….

    2. How can people like him make it to a final table? He’s obviously a fish

    3. Yep, Raising with QJ on river was a Rookie move. Coz.. only better hands would call. So, raising is just foolish, as lesser hands will anyways fold

    1. @lwc888 that’s the game of poker for you lmfao, always a twist haha

    2. I had a final table hand recently where it was all in me kk vs kq. He flops a str! But then i got a miracle runner runner fh. The hand before that i had AA and lost to JJ. Almost went from first to busting out by losing two all in preflop showdowns with aa and kk… Crazy this poker.

  18. How did the guy who raised with qj even make that final table😂 awful play

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  21. I like videos from the perspective of one player where the commentators explain what the player might be thinking

  22. At a final table i lost AA vs JJ all in preflop. Lost about half my stack. Very next hand I was all in pre again with KK vs KQ. The guy flops a str! I had 1.5% win prob at that pt but i got runner runner 9s for a FH to survive. I ended up winning AQ vs A8 on final hand. Again aipf. He flopped an 8 but the Q comes on river and I won. Earlier I needed an A on the river to survive too (AK vs J8). Nothing comes easy it seems.

  23. what Ive learned from these videos is that the guy who stands up usually loses

    1. That is a very interesting observation worthy of further investigation.

  24. 2:15 and those are the magic words to win by a River card Ladys and Gentlemen.

  25. amazing jj never seem to win gotta be the worst dealt hand in poker!

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    1. Antonio loves poker and just wants to promote the game. I have been watching Antonio for years and I think he has great respect for Barry, that was just for TV.

  27. Love that Antonio lost, hes got 0 class acting like that at the table

    1. O its not that bad, it is for TV. He is just trying to promote the game. Antonio has great respect for Barry.

  28. I only play cash poker but this kind of pain is so real it hurts watching.

  29. What was that guy thinking re-raising 2 pair with possible straight or better 2 pair lol what a dumb player….

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  31. There are 100s of more brutal hands than what are shown in the video..

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    1. Just because it happens all the time doesnt mean it isnt brutal.

  33. There is mafia on online poker,is scam and rigged like online,best is to not play either.

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  35. just like watching poker on tv….commercial after every hand….death to google…nice to see antonio get beat….

  36. The douche in dark sunglasses with AQ is the reason the rest of the world hates us😂😂

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  38. 8:25 that was a cooler. lol, not its not. You had 2 pairs. No need to go berserk there and go all in. Obviously didnt see the possibility of a straight there as it was a 3 gapper

  39. Does anybody know a good place to play poker online for money? Im a newbie and am looking to play some cheap games for fun (Id prefer to use real money so that it means something), but Id also like to keep it legal.

    1. Ignitioncasino isnt bad always tables and players deposit with card or crypto if u find a better 1 for us players lmk

  40. Damn to go back and time and play against people 4xing preflop with 30bbs effective stacks

  41. Shaun/James hand really doesnt belong here. He checked himself into that

  42. If you’re incorrigible to the sheep to gamble your the problem. They win because they get a prize not for winning. financed by the same people who rigged the matches to get the big boys in the final

  43. You should make a comp of people bluffing river. Getting to opponent to fold then showing.

    Comp of the Brunson 10.2

    1. Try searching for show the bluff in our channel. There are a few such vids already in there 🙂

  44. ok, what TV producer thought it was a good idea to change colors and put blue diamonds on the screen?

  45. When you begged on your knee Almighty to give you a perfect Lady, HE gave you two! Thats what most men face in real life situation! lol

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