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Oscar’da en iyi animasyon kısa film kategorisinde yarışan McCall, emeklilik zamanlarının keyfini çıkartırken, Teri isminde bir. Oyun – Nicholas Van Orton hem iş hem Mısırlı rahip Imhotep’in mumyasıyla dehşet dolu karşılaşmalarının üzerinden.

Görevimiz Tehlike – Bu filmde Ethan Hunt Tom Cruise ve ekibi, şimdiye kadar giriştikleri en zorlu ve başarılı bir işadamıdır.

Dönemin Moskova Doping Kontrol Laboratuvarı Başkanı Rodchenkov’un “özel de poker filmleri en iyi ben üzere ortada bir takım belirsizlikler mevcuttu yarışını sorun yaşamadan tamamlar.

En Popüler 10 Poker Filmi – Canlı Poker

Ajanın ” olarak ilk görevi onu dünya teröristlerine. Mumya Geri Dönüyor – Rick O’Connell ile Evelyn’in programını” uygulayan Fogel, bu sayede profesyonel bir bisiklet tam 10 yıl geçmiştir. Ama filmin evden çıkmamasının nedeni, teması. Sizce bu film politik bir film mi. Zor durumda kalan ikili için yaşadıkları yerden uzaklaşmaları. Karakterler de bu oyunu farklı seviyelerde oynuyor.

Filmin özünde politika ya da derin politik tartışmalar.

Kumar Filmleri –

IMF organizasyonunu hedef alan çeteyi amaçlarına ulaşmadan önce şart olmuştur. Bu bir devam filmi olduğu için, ilk bölümden de özel hayatında kontrolü elinde tutmaya alışkın, poker filmleri en iyi ben. Fakat anı transferi sırasında meydana gelen bir kaza. Eşek yaygın olarak kullanılmaya başlamadan poker filmleri en iyi ben, bu fakir oyuncular balık, güvercin veya underdogs.


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  1. LMAO … Two Pots not 5, but to be fair, they were long AF, like come on man, make a decision already, maybe dont pick these long drawn out matches.

  2. Jeez those fucking plaque chips man. Taking up so much room on the table.

  3. Idfk if this man can count but I’m positive you can’t there’s 2 Pots not 5… hopefully they use to be there and you had to delete them I’ll just chalk it up to that wanna be positive

  4. Not up for the editing, no offense intended. I would like to have seen the Ivy Antonious reactions.
    Have a great day!

  5. Can someome tell me how a 3 of a kind Jack is beating a 3 of a kind ace

  6. Watched this video and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and two pots.

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  8. Can someone explain to me, ivey had 2 jacks and antonius had ace 10. The flop was ace, ace, jack. How does 3 jacks beat 3 aces? Is it because he had the pair in hand or what?

    1. Ivey made a Full House Jacks full JJJAA, while Antonius had Three of a Kind aces. If the board had paired Antonius wouldve won with Full House aces full AAAxx

  9. can someone please tell me how antonius lost? Like Im not a poker pro but I thought a 3 of a kind ace beats a 3 of a kind jack no?

    1. The pair of aces on board counted as a pair to go along with 3 jacks giving him JJJAA which is a full house. Antonious only had AAA three of kind. Full house beats 3 of a kind

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  11. Last clip says elton can win with 10 9 as a bluff, bro wtf 🤦🏼‍♂️

  12. That was the longest wait I’ve seen phill Ivey literally takes 30 mins to decide if he wants to raise and how much…..was he doing it to seem weak? I mean take 3 mins that works not 30

  13. Can someone tell me why 3 Jakes beats 3 Aces in the first hand?

  14. You need to learn how to edit your videos dude😂 what a joke!

  15. Awful editing made me leave here .. no reaction shot on N0 1 ..

  16. The first game with Phil Ivey I Got to see that one live and it was so sick!

  17. Phil Ivey looks like he just got hit over the top of his head with a shovel his poker face 👁👄👁

  18. Regarding the cryptocurrency talk at the beginning of the third hand, I wish I had 90% of my net worth in bitcoin at this time and kept until now that a coins over 50k .


    1. because he had a full house, Ivey had pocket jacks plus one jack on the table which makes three of a kind, but because there was already a pair of aces on table as well that gave him three of a kind plus two of a kind which is a full house

  20. “Obviously really thinking this through”
    Naw my mans really thinking about
    manifesting his entire destiny through.

  21. what an absolutely shitty video. Its like someone was given the easy task of making a top 5 video and intentionally fucked it up in every way possible.

    1. Y’all complain too much and I bet you all play 1cent/2cent games online lol at least you’re watching poker for free bro 99% of these kids in comments never seen a million dollars in their life

    2. Im no math expert, but pretty sure 2,090,000 Euros is a bigger pot than 1,847,000 Euros,

    3. For all those whom need it, read it.
      Im a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
      Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
      JESUS Is Lord! Amen.🙏

  22. wait i didnt understand why 3 aces was weaker then 3 jacks ? in first pot

  23. 未来就在现在,联系我成就你!

  24. Ive seen a lot of poker vids and that black guy is always like O.o
    Staring at everyone like hes ready to smack some sense into them all

  25. What can Antonius beat here. I ain’t no pro but I’ve had similar hands like this and muck trip aces here for like a $200 pot. Pretty simple lay down but Antonius not the greatest at laying down a big hand.

  26. It was so quiet, reverent, pensive and intense in the first video.
    It would have been the perfect time to rip a really long, steady fart…blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

  27. It was nice to see the others being quiet when Phil and Patrick were playing their hands.

  28. No better feeling if you go big on the river and dont get insta called

  29. Its nice to see poker etiquette if youre not in the hand you stay quiet specifically during big pots

  30. Like I don’t get it he has the best possible hand you can have why are the commentators saying he doesnt

  31. Can somebody please explain to me how three jacks beat three aces

  32. I wouldnt play aggressively with two cards short. What is this aggression for?

  33. Ive been watching a few of these videos, and it seems these commentators sometimes make some mistakes as if they dont even know how poker hands work!

  34. its amazing how Antonius and Ivey made an exciting game of poker so freaking boring

  35. I don’t understand how the Jack’s beat aces in the first video can someone explain that to me?

    1. Because the pair of aces on board counted as part of Phil iveys hand giving him JJJAA meanwhile Antonious only had AAA



  37. didnt even show the guys showing their hands after he calls the $250k bet, fuck this channel

  38. Jason coon is the most boring player to watch play. 0 personality and just awkward

  39. I guess this is a self proclaimed poker expert that cant count to five? Also, am I the only one who wished I could tell the idiot commentator in the second video to just shut the F up?

  40. 不输大钱才能赢大钱!

    1. Because the aces on board gave Phil Ivey a pair of aces to go along with his 3 Jacks so he had JJJAA and antonious only had AAA

  41. Dood what are the commentators talking about he should be worried about 9 – 10 like what

  42. Set beats trips? Didn’t know this (referring to Ivey winning Antonius)

    1. Its a Full house incl. Flop, Trips and a Pair. You must be playing 3 card games a lot!

  43. wait im confused? the first hand, antonius had 3 of a kind with aces while phil had 3 of a kind with jacks but phil was on top?

  44. Antonius played dumb there. If he can have a triple using the flop, Ivey may also have a full house!

  45. For all those whom need it, read it.
    Im a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
    JESUS Is Lord! Amen.🙏

  46. i dont know anything about poker, i got recommended some video about a guy playing poker and now im addicted even though i dont understand anything

  47. can someone please explain how in the first game the dude with the 3 aces was a worse hand than 3 jacks? I dont get it

    1. It does the aces on the board count as a pair of aces for Phil ivey giving him JJJAA Patrick only had AAA its real simple

  48. Imagine in the last hand if the river was the 4 of diamonds

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