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165 Replies to “Poker düello tv”

  1. Its not bad folding kings pre when youre at the FINAL table of a BIG GAME. Now, if it were a cash game on another hand…

  2. 3:48 He has more outs than Queens. He needs to hit a Set on the board for a Full House, a Queen for a higher Straight or Quad Kings. After the Turn missed he could only win with a Queen.

  3. Nothing wrong with folding Kings there (Juanda) when his tournament life is at stake and hes sure opponent has either AA or AK. 6 combos of AA that hes 4:1 dog, 8 combos of AK where hes ahead 2.5:1. Fold and stay in the tournament.

  4. IMO (freerole player) this kind of games happen because ppl are used to play online where you need to juice more chips with pair of K, but when you play it like this, raise it big or fold on tricky flop. And Rocci, what an clown outfit, it is too much even for Italians.

  5. 3:20 these commentators dont know what theyre talking about, Chen could easily have King Queen and have Kilickeser drawing dead, stop trying to convince the poker world that this is a slow roll. this American commentator is literally clueless, Excalibur would make a better commentator then this clown

    1. @leprecaunjohn1 a rare mistake is understandable but his statement that I time stamped and another later in the video are just not exceptable no matter how long hes been doing it

    2. @ricky dona joe stapleton is there almost entirely there for comedic relief (the american). james hartigan(the brit) was probally just suprised by the rareness of the situation. they are actually a very good commentator duo and have been covering the wpt for like a decade.

  6. 3:20. WRONG! Hes got the 3rd nuts. Q8 is 2nd nuts

    BTW, Ensan is a horrible player.

    1. @Filouto 13 Youre right. My comment is exaggeration. Of course Ensan is a good player, hes a Main Event winner! I am jealous.

      He didnt play this hand bad except the last call Maybe

    2. Hossein Ensan won the most prestigious poker event in the world, the WSOP main event in 2019, it means that he was the world champion for one year! It’s not because he plays badly one hand that he is a really bad player. He is probably way better than you. I agree Ensan is not the best poker player in the world, but he won a few really big tournament.

    3. He’s garbage lol. 8,7 preflop call off a decent size bet pre flop… pure luck lol

  7. God this is pure pain as a cash game live reg.. this just pains me so much and makes me realize that I could never be a tournament player and Im totally ok with that

  8. ive seen in the next table where 2 people were dealt pocket aces, and the last person to act called both all ins with QJ suited and QJ got a straight on the turn. Talk about crazy.

  9. A little correction. Never play anything in Pokerstars 🙂

  10. 12:30 So the only thing hes not folding to a shove is AA? Please play some other game.

  11. The outstanding picture ironically object because match posteriorly switch apropos a vigorous cause. protective, coherent bumper

  12. 4 and 1 was not a bad play I think but then again I’m not a pro so I wouldn’t know

  13. I think Juanda played well, he did 4 bet and in the end he even won that tournament

    1. @xim Thoj the guy will have aces sometimes, yes. Doesnt mean you should fold. AKo more likely to ship as a bluff than AKs tbh so pretty hard to ever consider getting away here.

    2. iono but a 5 bet all in is very strong when you dont have AA, usually AK might just call there.

    3. in that situation as Juanda correctly said he could have had only AA or AK. its not a bad decision to lay down KK after 4bet as chances are against you. He knew that even with 50bb left he can beat these guys and he did in the end. I dont agree that you ALWAYS should go all in pre flop in tournament. in Cash you should

  14. I don’t understand this hand. If you don’t call with kings preflop, then how do you expect to make twips?

    1. @M Baiter no he’s not asking about juanda making trips. He’s asking about him making tweeps. Huge difference.

    2. 3 aces left in the deck on average if one person has AK, and if you have pocket Ks their is only 1 left. That means less than 2% of hitting trips, and AK has 45% of hitting a single ace. This is on a table of 6. When someone raised after your big raise, their is a good chance they have a Ace.

    1. Yeah good fold……It was those kind of moves that got him into the Poker Hall of Fame.

    2. there was also 3 aces on the board when he got bluffed off his quads. personally i couldnt get away from quads even if i knew my opp had better quads

  15. All he poker pros in the comments always think the nit play is the right play… yall are easy to beat in tournaments if I have enough hands-on how you play

  16. 4:32 KKs vs KKs? Were definitely living in a simulation where Poker controls the universe. Im high, hi.

    1. Every time i play deuces theres always a higher card on the board FML!

    2. @Ronald Barnes Its actually very likely to have an A on the board. In fact, theres about 41.7% chance to have at least one A from the community card given you have a pair of KKs, though the chance of other player also have an additional A from their hand to form a pair is not that high .

    3. It does seem like it, but I guarantee most of the time there is no ace. People remember their losses more than their wins.

  17. So ur gonna 4 bet kings but fold to a 5 bet shove? Shouldn’t be surprised, the man folded quads getting like 11 to 1 on his money

  18. Its a statistical fact that when you get dealt kings, someone has an ace. And a ace will hit the board. I think there are 12 aces in a standard deck.

    1. ​@Tommy Gunz Still 52 though, got count the two kings give to you by accident.

    2. @Tommy Gunz are you serious right now? Everyone knows that Jokers are Wild.

  19. Cobain juga main lotre bang ,gua aja modal 300rb untung 65jt mantap kan bang,Linknya udah gua share di yt gua

    1. @harry tan oh its a dangerous hand to lose money on, I get that. But if its a smaller table and theres not many chances for straights and no flush draws, its a fairly safe bet (as long as theres no ace)

    2. @Maxwell Bauer surprisingly pocket Kings, though a very strong hand, dont win you much since you can only really get the value from Queen pair and below; and it can cost a lot if your opponent luckily has a stronger hand than you.

    3. @Poker Lives Matter In my experience folding pocket kings is +EV

    4. @Joshua Olson pocket Aces only. Everything else, you gotta fold to. Or just go to a shady place and wait until youre dealt pocket suited Aces.

    1. Not a good fold, but in that spot of the tournament and the other guy still having decent equity, potentially save your tourney from getting sucked out on

      Still not a good regular mindset to have in poker though

    2. @morrowcosom it seems like a bad call for Juanda thats just ridiculous.

    3. It was a bad, nitty fold. If youre folding everything but AA to a 5bet you are very exploitable.

    4. That’s the worst shove I’ve ever seen in my life, if you always put an opponent on aces every time you’re a loser player, even more in that specific scenario when the guy could be doing that with QQs, JJs or even 10s. You just can’t fold kings pre flop, if the guys you’re against has aces well congratulations, but that specific scenario will not happen most of the times

    5. Also, Juanda understands his own image on the table is not of a splashy player. That plays in that hand way more than youd like to believe.

  20. sometimes pocket kings are no better than pocket deuces……………..

  21. Very tough decision to call all in after flopping a straight. Reminds me of the time i went into the tank calling an all in with my quads. Such a tough call but Kilkcfnmvfnf and I eventually came to the right decision. Well done.

    1. Raising it 40bb preflop. Getting 2 callers. Gettin it all in on the flop with 340bb total vs 6’s on a queen high board and gettin rivered by a 6.
      Over aggressive donk got rewarded!

    2. KK vs AQ preflop ….
      Flop = 8 K 8
      Turn = 8
      River = 8
      For 8 K 8 8 8 the ace wins

    3. The villain goes all in in preflop, i call with KK , the villain card is QTof
      Guess what?
      He hit Q in flop..
      And 10 in the river…

    4. LOL PokerStars just loves to promote clickbaiting and angleshooting just like that PokerStar ambassador Ensan fellow.

    5. Pocket pair is just a pair…rise Times 3 or all in…it depends how many Players are still inside..if a Lot a Players call, so rise very Big or all will pay if you do all in. In tournament Modus… Jesus is Lord..

  22. Well Juanda won the tournament so its seems like a good fold

    1. @Thoriq Ilham So you were genuinely curious if winning a tournament is a bad thing? Stop playing dumb, of course that was a rhetorical question.

    2. @Thoriq Ilham it was a rhetorical question. A stupid rhetorical question.

    3. @Ozren Balić silly argument, that was a question , thank you very much

  23. honestly not that bad of a fold from juanda, how many actually 5-bet shove in a tournament. couldve been a tight player thats why juanda made the read that he had AA, just unlucky that he made the wrong read in that scenario. cash game however, this is a snap call no question.

    1. @Earnest Ho well buddy… if you’re the kind of player who would believe that folding kks in that scenario is right, I respect your opinion but from my perspective that’s not a winning strategy, cheers buddy.

    2. @Eduardo Mora because it’s a tournament, i really doubt anyone would shove with a QQ/JJ. and he wasn’t short-stacked as well, slightly more than juanda. hence, the shove looks strong from juanda’s pov

    3. I’ll tell you why you’re wrong and believe me I’m not consider myself a top players, where is the blockers game from your perspective ? If he has KKs he’s blocking ak, you don’t have to put your opponent necessarily on AA… cause he could be having QQs, JJs or even 10s… if he has aces congratulations (which most of they times the opponent won’t have them) that’s was the worst fold pre flop I’ve ever seen in my life

  24. never fold kings unless you play with wild players that play any cards…

    1. Im assuming none of you play with players who go all in on a 4 suited board and they have ace high non suited….

    2. That actually makes no sense, why would you fold kings against wild players

  25. The video shows most ways to play Kings, if they are all wrong, what is the right way. I always slow play KK, because 8/10 times I loose to AA or trips. KK not a good hand for me.

  26. What?????? Fold KK at pre flop?????? Your opponent look confident his hand but you not confident your hand.. Its KK. Oh my god. Next time if have some one all in with you again how can you call?

  27. Джоанда сам себя чпокнул😂

    1. Yeah, I was in the audience and think he folded there because he had such a good read on them post flop, didnt wanna gamble preflop.

    2. @Bao664 really? Maybe that fold stopped him from getting sucked out on with an Ace! LOL

  28. Let me just call a raise with 84 and then not bet the river when I hit against two players.

    1. Bro exactly what I thought… wtf is this guy doing. Is somebody slow playing another flush. Like wtf, bet!!!!

  29. I folded kings preflop the other day when 2 players went all in before me and one person called. One had 10s one had Qs other had AK. I still would’ve lost to QUeens tho he flopped a set

    1. @Tijl Stegenga I disagree. If you have 3 all ins before you and a 5 bet all in, It’s pretty certain one of them have aces most of the time. I was still happy with my fold. An ace came on the flop and a Q. I would’ve been hoping for a one outter

  30. I don’t understand what made that ensan guy keep betting, EGO??? Wtf he had no matching cards and a low percentage to get a triple

  31. Pocket Kings usually means one of two things: youre either way ahead, or way behind. Akkari got the rub of the green when both his opponents cancelled out each others chance of making trips. That slowed them down and allowed Akkari to catch the river flush by only needing to call smaller bets to stay in, which increased his equity, when in reality he shouldve been pushed out of the hand before the turn, or perhaps even preflop.

  32. juandas dumb stare,,,dont miss him or howards boring play,,,nice video though

    1. You graduated from the Norman Chad school of poker with honors I see. Anything less than Quads preflop is not a good starting hand.

    2. The right way to play any top pair go allin before the pre flop

    1. @Peleg Bar i never said he is a bad player. He is awesome. Just that you put him in a cash game table with guys like Doug Polk, Linus Love, Ike Haxton, Patrik Antonius, Dwan, Ivey, Jungleman or in the modern day tourney with Chidwick, Ismirovic, Dan Coleman, Justin Bomnomo amd all these guys and he isnt at their level anymore.
      Playing for too long does catch up with everybody

    2. @Abadhya Malhotra
      Yeah you right, Juanda is a very bad player.. maybe he needs your help improving his game

    3. Yes but he more often than not does make the bad and incorrect fold.
      He isnt playing a tourney against noobs, its against well rounded players and Kings is NEVER a fold there. That just makes Juanda exploitable.
      The other guy always has AK in his range and maybe very seldom times QQ also. You simply cannot ever fold even against a range of just AK and AA. Still more combos of AK vs AA.
      You can also add 1 or 2 out of the 6 QQ combos as he might flat the 4 bet 80% of the time and 5 bet shove the rest 20%. A good player will consider shoves sometimes as he knows Juanda could 4 bet AK very often. Against AK, QQ is a slam dunk shove

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