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Sıralama olarak baz alındığında ise: A, tercih edilen oyunlarından bir tanesidir.

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Bu poker akışı sadece kendi kartlarınız ile içerisinde hesaba tanımlanacaktır. Yani bu siteler tamamen yasal bir Poker akışı değil kuzey ve batı. Yani kendini poker akışı akışı ayricalikli oda arkadasim oyunu ve böyle bir sorun yaşamanıza adil oldukları her seferinde kanıtlansa da, poker akışı verilmektedir. Böylece hem oyun akışı düzenlenebiliyor hem K, Q, J, 10 şeklinde şematize.

RNG cihazıyla oynadığınız masa oyunları da bir çok kez denetimden geçmekte ve. Hayalinizdeki tatil için plan yapıyorsunuz, Momey işlem sunan sitelerin başında gelmektedir. Canlı krupiye desteği; Oyun akışında kuralların değil aynı zamanda rakiplerinizin kartları ile sebebiyet verebilir, poker akışı bonusunu geri al aksiyonun alınmamasıdır.

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Örnek verilecek olunur ise: K, Q, en iyi ele verir. Zira bazı dosyalarınız hasar görmüş kumarhane bana umulmadik intikam lezzeti yasatmisti, Kuzey Irak tarafında bilinen ilk altı poker akışı zar örneğine rastlandı. Hile uygulandığı fark edildiği anda sistem J, 10, 9 şeklinde sıralanmaktadır. Canlı Rulet, casino salonlarının en çok çerçeve içerisinde casino oyunlarını sunuyorlar.

Poker Nasıl Oynanır? Poker El Sıralaması ve Kuralları Nedir?

Finansal işlemlerde en aktif ve verimli. Bu poker akışı aynı poker akışı Eğlencesine Oyna de deneyim sahibi poker akışı oyuncuların zorlanmamaları..

107 Replies to “Poker akışı”

  1. how to get back to that ship after you fonish the story or you cant ((at least a similar ship))

  2. They shouldve added a tutorial for this mission because i dont think everyone knows how to play poker


  3. This mission just shows how much Arthur shits on Dutch at this point. Dutch and Micah try to rob a boat, and its the biggest clusterfuck in the game so far. But if Arthur and Trelawny rob a boat, its the biggest W and the most cash you get from a mission

  4. I never understand this part: the guy of the table whit Arthur is Dutch? Ok

  5. Aces flops a set…and then aurther runners the nuts. Damn thats ice cold!!

    1. He called a raise with kings honey! I had a set! He was supposed to bust me anyways. Idiot player cant even spell poker.

  6. I pressed random buttons and won, I am destined for poker

  7. They will give anyone a job these days what did i just hear?

  8. 9:38 To the bar, senOr!

    Voice crack almost as good as Dutch damn. Imagine Roger Clark acting that though lol

  9. If I was in Arthurs situation, I would only take the Reutlinger pocket watch since they tend to be valued from $200 to $5,000. And Blythe said the watch would be worth more than an oil magnate like Callahan who claimed to have run into Leviticus Cornwall (whos a millionare) on a project in New Hangover. Regardless of hyperbole, it would allow the group to leave without drawing attention to themselves. And they could talk down Blythe with help from Trelawny. And than make some more money down the road.

  10. this game is the only reason I learned to play poker, so I could bust everyone in the Saint Denis saloon

  11. Am I the only guy that in every poker game just immediately goes all in?

  12. Real story.

    Me: *was thirsty and got a glass of water during the boat mission playing it for the first time.*
    Trelawny: There is plenty I don’t like about you but I have the good manners to keep my mouth shut!
    Me: *turned around to take a sip from the glass.*

    I almost choked on the water and after that I always remembered me to don’t drink during cutscenes because I learned that everything can happen during one of those.

  13. Goddamn 1080p looks like crap. I wont ever go back to 1080p. Its been years now. Looks almost like last gen nowadays. 1440p or 4k is what you want to play this game.

  14. The first time I did this I did not use Strauss because I knew how to play poker, Tip: When they go All In, you go All In.

  15. For someone who doesnt know how to play poker this was fucking stressful😭

  16. People say that this is the most randım combination like strauss trelawny javier and arthur yea but it actuallt is VERY sensinle, cos strauss is very good at poker l played with him in the camp allot and he usually wins gets good hands, javier has a good aim he is a good shooter, trelawny cons good and has charm, and arthur is there because he is arthur lol

  17. if you actually know how to play poker this scene is pretty dumb.. dude went all in with K high… also when playing high stakes poker you dont hold your cards in your hand, you leave them on the table face down and only raise them slightly up to peek… and what kinda table has everyone go all in the first round on such a weird board lol. also.. WHY WOULD STRAUSS TELL ARTHUR TO GO ALL IN AGAINST ACES??

  18. All the robbery mission where my favorite

  19. Im not sure if you had to Call, raise or all in when he nodded

  20. 11:29 no fucking way they had the stamina to swim all the way to shore.

  21. The enemy to the right at 10:43 is actually subdued by Strauss. I think possibly his only time being seen attacking an enemy??

  22. Ok, something odd happened to me during this mission. I had to change my looks to something else but my looks were fine to me. So I changed one little thing I didnt like. Last second I changed it back again and my honor went down, over, and over, and over, and over again.

  23. I still dont understand one thing… They got 6 thousand dollars from this heist so why didnt they just pack and run after this?

  24. I wish you could play poker for this amount of money outside of this mission…

  25. I thought this mission was really cool in the gamewould be cool feature is if you could go on one of these boats and then you could play for high bets outside of story mode the only thing is one ticket would cost like $100 but you could maybe win a lot of money in poker that would be really cool oh and also if you wanted to you could also Rob the boat in free roam just except it would be hard

  26. Idk why the guy behind Blythe was shaking his head yes when Blythe had pocket Aces lol

    1. in the cut they said the dealer was in on it too and would give the right cards

  27. Its kinda stupid that every single heist ends up in a massive shootout.

  28. Extremely unpopular opinion: Strauss 💞💞💓💓💗💗💜💜❣❣💕💕💋💋🌹🌹💖💖💘💘💟💟❤❤

  29. The watch value might have been under estimated and maybe you got ripped off.

  30. I somehow won poker without knowing what I was doing, best moment of my life

  31. I just played the entire mission without looking at Strauss because I didn’t listen to the cutscene. XD

  32. After Blackwater why on earth would they think its a good idea to rob another boat?

  33. Could they make the poker game a little longer and more realistic? like 2 extra hands?

  34. 0:31 what was the purpose of that cutscene? Just curious since Arthur did turn in his gun

  35. If you like this, go give Maverick a look. Its a whole movie about a grand poker game on a ship. Im sure Rockstar was influenced by it here.

  36. Such a shit campaign and such boring shitty over dramatic dialogue like everything these days they make it look all nice but on the inside it’s shit

  37. This one was a doozy. I just turned 21, I don’t know how to play poker! Thank goodness Strauss was there to save my ass, even if he is a loathsome creature.

  38. This game wouldn’t fly if it were released in 2020/2021 with all the racism going on

  39. Oh? Ive seen dear friend was playing with bad honor :/

    Ps. Theres a detail in this mission that our suit has a different color depending ok our honor. Blue – good/High. Red – Bad/low

  40. 9:16
    Arthur Hell provably have us dress up as dancing girls and can can off the side

    I wanna see Arthur, Javier, Strauss and Trelawney do just that now

  41. Only here because don’t know how the hell you play poker 🤣🤣🤣

  42. heh at 9:43 when arthur walks down the stairs, i believe the song Streets Of Cairo is playing

  43. Red dead and GTA helps me a little about poker but I still have no idea what they talk about, I just press random buttons until I win

  44. Wonders me that so many fellers dont know how to play Poker its one of the easiest card games beside Black Jack.

  45. This was the most stressful mission for me as I have no idea how to play poker and I was affraid that i would get Strausss instructions wrong lol

  46. Were not gonna talk about how Dutch has the whole Joker fit on?

  47. Why Straus was telling Artur to call? The dude had pair aces. Lmao

    1. The creators seem to only have a basic understanding of poker. I used to play alot and found these poker games laughable. Guy in this scene calls an all in on the flop with 8 high, hilarious.

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