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  1. Even though I know how hes doing some of these amazing things, I still have the utmost respect and admiration for his unmatched skill and performance style. Lightning fast, and almost to quick to be believed. The hand, in this mans case, truly IS quicker than the eye.

  2. Is hey TRYING to make it look like hes throwing stuff in his lap when he isnt, or is he actually throwing stuff in his lap and being very obvious about it?

  3. Lennart is a class by himself. The Michael Jordan of close up. He will never have to worry about someone stealing his act. Its impossible.

  4. A legend. Sadly, the audience was kind of slow. He has perfect timing, the people watching it… not so much.

  5. Brilliant. This guy could go on Penn & Teller and fool us with a nuclear bomb at the same time…

  6. I love watching this mans performances – for the comments by those who realize that he is far better than their current fave, and therefore have to try to put him down. So funny.

  7. The female fertile observation demographically bare because bobcat hooghly walk barring a limping action. malicious, absorbing chemistry

  8. His plaming is next level holy crap. His hands are way better than mine.

  9. Watching the assistant trying to process the tricks is priceless.

  10. with all our differences, were are fundamentally similar. Lets just kill all the nascent leaders who have dreams of conquest and grandeur and wed be ok. right?

  11. I like to believe that there were actual mistakes in the performance but hes so good at it that you cant tell which were the actual mistakes and which were intentional.

  12. I love his wit and that every mistake and move is a genius, calculated step

  13. I came back here after ten+ years for the devils laughter (4:45)

  14. A Master at work…. his foolery masks his utter brilliance. I think Lennart Green is brilliant

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  16. I cant believe people were actually impressed by that first demonstration. People actually clapped for that

  17. Dont look at the beam, my fault. Because this is a high frequency laser, and its enough with a fraction of a second to destroy the retina completely lool this guy is hilarious and his sleight of hand is on point!!!! Great stuff

  18. I absolutely adored this performance. This is by far one of the best Ted Talks and magic routines Ive ever seen.

  19. Lennart Green is great, but this video is so much better because of the girls reactions.

  20. So this is what I imagine what happens if Doc Oc would find a decent and normal job…

  21. i did the palm thing and end up with palm down like him, i dont know how the fck the public end up in another position lol

  22. No one laughed at thethe russian satellite thing, probably stolen from America…thats the best joke ever

  23. I remember watching this when I was younger. Found this again not disappointed

  24. I once learnt how to deal myself 2 aces in poker with 2 on the table, and I told my cousins about while we were playing, and on the very next hand I dealt myself 2 aces and 2 on the table but I did not rig the deck, it was just a coincidence. things like this are the reason why I believe in the simulation.

  25. ridiculo, malo, se le ven las manos baJO LA MESA RECOGIENDO EL TRUCO

  26. Love this. So talented. He couldnt have asked for a better volunteer – her reactions are brilliant.

  27. This guy brought up ideas like the Akashic Records, Infinite Intelligence, Collective Consciousness, and using the right brain to access that realm in his act. What a legend

  28. The girl in the green is pretty cute…or at least in 2008 she was. 🙂

  29. 12 years later here I am watching this again. it s better everytime I watch

  30. The brilliance and message behind his audience-involved wrist lesson is just gold.

  31. This guy is a genius: foreign language, jokes and hard tricks all at once. I cant even brew my coffee while talking

  32. I remember watching this as a kid and being totally amazed. 12 years later and its still my favorite routine.

  33. If not the best mechanic ever, then he will be when the other guy dies.

  34. This is so amazing that the girl is having trouble comprehending what she is witnessing.

  35. exactly how I have come to use my brain nowadays… I ask my right brain the question and the answer comes, so you just keep accumulating knowledge every day and the right brain just calculates everything for you when you ask it the question it provides the answer.

  36. That first trick with the poker hands was stunningly well presented and executed – never seen better.
    8:00 Hold on the girls face after the reveal.

  37. this is so high level skills that the crowd misses the tricks and does not react.

  38. Do you all understand how absolutely incredibly difficult this is

    There are about a dozen different methods going on and on top of it he has to act like this amd make it look completely out of control/random

    Absolutely genius level stuff

  39. I keep coming back to this performance because Lennart is unmatched in control and humour. Absolutely brilliant.

  40. 4:05 . i recently got kicked out of bellagio because i was playing with a couple chips and just unconsciously did a few things with them that made the pit boss uncomfortable and now im banned from mgm properties. It must suck for him being so widely known, because i doubt there is a casino in the world that will let him in.

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