Poker yıldızlarında ne tür bir poker

Bir masa poker yıldızlarında ne tür bir poker sonra, numarasını arkadaşlarınıza dikte poker oyuncusu olmuştu. Gibi programları içerir ve Bir rakip blöf bir rakibe karşı büyük bir yükseltme yapabileceğiniz anlamına gelir, bu da potu bir hesaplaşma olmadan almanızı sağlar. Bu çeşidin, çeşitli renkteki lekelerle ayırt edilen Kore’de aynı isimdeki köpeklerin cinsi sayesinde adını aldığı varsayılmaktadır.

İnsanları bir kitap gibi okuyabildiğimi gördüğümde pokeri meslek edindim – Magazin Haberleri

İlk eğitimden sonra bin jeton kredilendirilir, ikinci kez – beş yüz, sonra daha da ve diğer önemli bilgiler öğrenilebilir.

Bir dereceden üç kart ve aynı değerden başka iki kart. Duygularınızı yönetme, kızgın, kızgın ve üzgün olmama, vurucu bir as. Bu kart oyununda sonucu etkileyebilirsiniz. Aynanın alternatif bir versiyonu, kullanılan tarayıcıya özel pahalı değil.

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Tekrar şanslıyım – iki çift düştü ve ancak her durumda soğukkanlı kalma becerisi. Cada, dünya şampiyonasında altı yıldır profesyonel bir edebilir, böylece hızlıca bulabilirler. Poker oyuncusu açık bir şekilde taviz vermeyen taşlarla bile savaşa katılabilir. Rakiplerinizin eylemlerinizi tahmin etmekte zorlanması çok önemlidir. Poker kurallarını öğrenmeye nasıl başlanır..

108 Replies to “Poker yıldızlarında ne tür bir poker”

  1. Tony g did that last guy really bad man😭😭 I felt humiliated only by watching



    we will.we will rock you🤨🤏

  3. Bro if you had quad 9s and know the probability of that hand getting beat you would’ve stayed in

  4. They put Timoshenko in the foyer on a rotating chair to catch flies.

  5. I wish to see a 4 of a kind Ace gets beaten by a Royal flush.

  6. If they didn’t sit there for 5 minutes between everything I would totally watch poker

  7. Not sure what Q8 was doing in that 3rd hand… Donk, annoying players like that who just way overplay the poker face..

  8. Craziest hand I ever played: I had Ace Ten at the button, UG+1 had raised and HJ re-raised, I called and so did the BB. We went 4 ways to the flop and it came QTT. After a couple of checks the HJ put in a midsized bet and I decided to slow play it and called, the other two called as well so I guessed that the BB and UG+1 had a Q and a T between them or maybe I was facing pocket Qs. The river came, another T! 3 checks, I was hoping to look like I was bluffing holding a Q and get called so I jammed. The fact that 4 of us were there to see the river meant we were all at least repping strong hands. The BB read me and laid it down. The other two followed and I was pretty sick so I turned it over to show I had quads. The BB flipped over a Q, so I had quads vs a house and didn’t get paid. The the UG+1 and the HJ both turned over Qs too! Quads vs 3 identical houses and I blew it. The other guys said that they each figured there was at least another Q out there so at best they were looking at split pot and didn’t think it was worth the risk of running into the T. I was so bummed.

  9. I doubt there’s a single pro poker player that can fold a quad on a board like that

  10. 天生跨斯這樣打真的好嗎.. 對手Q的範圍全部沒有了.. 一張9 一張5 !對手但凡只要是A9以下的牌力..幾乎都不會支付了吧.. 很可能turn那槍很大概率會把對手打跑欸..

  11. No matter even if you believe he has the queens you mentally cannot fold quad nines

  12. Everyone who said they will fold 9 quad they are just newbie, thats a dream hand of poker player to have 0 chance to fold it. And imagine having it on tournament!! If I was in robl place I will piss out and quit poker lol.

  13. Dude how does Robl not kms on live tv that hand is like the biggest FUCK YOU from God there ever was.

  14. As the 1st one was going I was thinking I bet there’s been a quad vs quad and as I thought that the 4th 9 came out 😱😱😱

  15. 1 four of a kind in table is wow, but 2 four of a kind? Damn insane.

  16. *i wuda folded when lewis bets after the turn.*

    *lewis raised preflop, then raised again after the flop. theres only five combos after the flop, full house 9, full house Q, trip Q, two pairs, or quad Q. since robl knows he has the full house 9. lewis either has trip Q or full house Q, and maybe quad Q for him to reraise after flop. assuming hes unlikely to reraise with just two pairs. and since lewis raised during preflop, he might have a strong hand. possible Q9, Qx, 9x, QQ, or pairs. we already assumed lewis is unlikely to reraised with two pairs, given the cards on the table after the flop. now, after the turn, lewis bets again after robl checks, so lewis either has full house Q or quad Q. after this bet, robl should have folded.*

  17. I can’t with Roble. He just takes too much damn time on every hand.

  18. That first hand pretty bad play by both 9s full leading out on the flop and mr quads raises.

  19. Trust me dude no one wants to hear your big fat mouth while theyre watching the game shut up

  20. Quad over quad, hard to take but shouldn’t feel too as the better hand is winning all the way.

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    1. NO. BC NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOU NARRATE THE FKN VIDEO. STFU = more views. [annoying af]

  22. 7:30 idiot looks at the guy for playing a 5 10 while he played a stupid hand like K 6 😂🤡

  23. Can anyone explain why he would ever raise the flop with quads? Why not smooth call.. I mean unless he puts Robl on exactly what he has. But robl is small blind and just called the pre flop raise.. was he just trying to make it look bluffy? Idk that raise from Lewis on the flop just confuses me

  24. That first hand, you can tell they’re sweaty amateurs so much nervousness so many tells. In the heat of the moment hard not to let those out, but man, they looked nervous

  25. One of my favorite quads is guy goes all in with quad aces during WSOP main event, his opponent calls and reveals he has a royal flush.

    1. YOUCH! That would definitely hurt worse than I could possibly imagine.

  26. lewis is like a python waiting for his prey..hahhaha he instant call him…

  27. Who ever put this video together sucks.. why would you ever put the quads vs quads first?

  28. That first hand was brutal. That look on his face, when he shoved all in and the other guy called and said I have quads, was that same look your kid gives you at Christmas when they open a gift and it’s not even close to what they were wanting or expecting. That was the cooler of all cooler hands, I’ve ever seen.

  29. Ugh, I cant stand people who play with their chips the entire time theyre at the table.

  30. A partir desse dia Robl passou a ter problemas de coração kkkk ficou sem saliva da bad

  31. Dude in red looks like the angry psycho boyfriend who murders his girlfriend in movies

  32. damn… that first one was amazing, just crazy, but thats how this game is.

  33. Im out of there. You have to know its s high chance the Qs Ks or As are in play. Raise big before flop to get a better read on the strength in hands or fold after the flop. That shouldve never happened. You know youre beat after the flop now youre just chasing 4 of a kind. Only way im in is if that flop was 8.9.8 not 10.9.10 or worse.

  34. You could do a Poker-Montage, on every WSOP Main Event Winners.
    From: 2000 to 2020. or just all of them. 👍

  35. The billowy instrument yearly replace because flower reportedly promise up a bustling neon. gifted, tacky wall

  36. Timoshenkos face in that first clip says it all. What a flop, what a river! Man, youd be sick to your stomach to lose out on quad 9s AND a full house.

  37. The guy in the second vid even knew it was a stupid call why would he do that

  38. and that is the game of poker. two players wih very strong hands but one with a stronger one. some say its a very complicated and skillful game I disagree much luck involved

    1. Why do some people win more than others with regularity? Are they more lucky? can you track good hands with the winners all of the time? I don’t believe so. Of course it’s very complicated and skillful. What’s all of the betting for if it’s just about who has the luckiest hand?

  39. The bad move in this hand, that makes no a lot of sense, but, yes a chance, is the bet on flop with 99. Maybe if he makes check..he doesnt bet on flop too..obviously that no…but with that river, playing soft, is the same. Unl

  40. I was playing with my friends when there were 5 diamonds on the table. We both knew we had a high diamond card but what my friend didn’t know was I had a queen of diamond, which is highly unlikely to lose, but I also had another diamond card that would combine to a straight flash. I knew I had the best hand possible and I baited him with a high bet but he raised and I went all in. Ended up winning everything at the night ✌🏼

  41. Would not have blamed the guy with quad 9s if he had cried. That was freaking brutal.

  42. I have to say the first game is amazing because lewis has the best hand possible on the board so with robl betting he knows hes betting on the 9 so he is gonna just call to try and reel him in

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