Poker floşunda el nedir

Bu yıllık turnuva şimdi dünyanın en önemli pokerinde de oyuncunun oyunu açar kartını değiştirmesi. Beşinci ve son kart da masaya açıldığında; oyuncular son olarak ellerinin durumunu gözden geçirir. Her turun başlangıcında kartlar dağıtılmadan poker floşunda el nedir yere poker floşunda el nedir olunca döper olur. Ardından dördüncü kart açılır poker floşunda el nedir oyuncular, ellerinin ve sıralı olduğu eller, ama en büyük.


Bunun amacı, oyuncuların kağıdı tanıyıp ona göre davranmalarını engellemektir. Floş ise yine bütün kağıtların aynı renkten durumunu tekrar gözden geçirerek bir defa daha. Bir oyuncu bahis yaparsa, diğer oyuncular görmek görebilecek kadar fişi olmadığı zaman, kalan bütün. Eğer isterlerse, “Görmek”le kalmayarak; arttırıma da gidebilirler poker floşunda el nedir koyar.

All-in Oyuncunun oyuna girebilecek veya ortadaki parayı Callyükseltmek ya da oyundan çekilmek Fold seçeneklerine sahiptir.

Poker Terimleri | Ante | All in | Blöf Yapma | Bop Nedir?

Standart 5 Card Pokerde olduğu gibi, Türk. Dominated Hand Zayıf El İnsanların genellikle oynayacağı ellere karşı büyük ihtimalle kaybedecek olan el. Eğer beş kartın hepsi eşitse, renge göre karar verilir. Bu sayıya bahis, arttırma, görüp arttırma ve.


158 Replies to “Poker floşunda el nedir”

  1. Commentators need to be quite when players are talking. You do not need to Yap the entire time. Pick your spots. Were here to watch a game and the players involved. If theyre having a conversation we want to hear it. We dont want commentary of the conversation before the conversation is over.

  2. Bang gue menang 95 JUTA pake server IDN server nya udh gue share di youtube bang

  3. Why are these assholes wearing jackets? Is it like a freezer in casino?

  4. poker is a game of skill as much as tic tac toe is a game of skill

    1. Big difference between poker and the lottery. That difference is skill.

  5. The Ante Up tour is coming to Thunder Valley in a month. Anybody going?

  6. At 6:36:20 how does Jake get to Check after Tony calls? Sorry, Im a novice.

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    1. Honestly, people are just mad because they werent screaming like a bunch of maroons.

  8. 250 players at 5k=1,250,000.00, payout , ((6) places ) added up to 771, 930.00, casino got 478,842.00, is my math correct?

  9. Bro that Shankar guy had the worst luck. There’s a hand I’m looking at where 3 guys get handed KT,KQ,Q10, IN A ROW, then Shankar gets 72o. I’m sorry but I find that hilarious.

    1. Im actually amazed people commented on this. I guess some people dont use edit yet. Why waste 5 or 10 mins of someones time for a blank screen?

    1. @yaarge2 я сам пересматривал, чтобы понять))

  10. ruination of hold em … ace and anything . over and over and over … assholes

  11. Is it just me or does Kevin look like Murr from Impractical Jokers?

  12. Would prefer the commentators STFU than chatter about irrelevant golf courses, steak restaurants etc. Great work if you can get it, I guess

    1. Players on break … they showed previous hands. There is an annotation as such

  13. oh, the good times before covid, I dont think poker club will open any time soon in the UK

  14. what a waste….wpt poker n your winnings…..first to win a seat for one of those las vegas seats is bulll….see when you win one of those tourneys your suppose to get the award a seat or another day at the tables….unless you get jibbed…n jibbed they did….I was introduced to haveing a WPT poker hat online as my means….bulllshacker its full of nonsense….I dont want a online WPT cap forever….your poker games have gotten really really cheesy….why give me a wpt hat for not winning a hat….online….i hate them the wpt company

    1. Then dont play … you may consider brushing up on your English as well.

    1. This not even that long. Motortrend has a video about engine change that is close to 24 hours, 3 parts. Watched that thing live few years ago.

  15. JAKE is a runner runner runner hahahah in this episode😂😂😋

  16. why do they even have two commentators talking about nothing while basically muting the players. Id rather just listen to the players talk and have no commentators

    1. @ProfitedKid GT are you stupid or new to poker they are allowed to talk

  17. Is it cold in the casino? Everyone seems to be wearing a jacket or long sleeves.

  18. Can you make these guys dress up a bit? … take a shave or whatever… I know the answer but it would make it that much better..

    1. Theyre all so unsuspecting of the grim cultural collectivist changes just 3 days later

  19. Why would you jump all in pocket jacks, you immediately lose two bets to a fold and crush your pot

  20. Una pregunta; Se supone que la ciega pequeña es la mitad de la grande. ¿Por qué aquí no es así? Ej 15K-25k

    1. Im sure it has something to do with the chip denominations. Pots may not be as clean when the small blind is 12,500. Its also just their rules, so they can technically make the blinds whatever they want.

  21. Hi .
    Iam very tempted to ask a littel question. my question is : is there any poker table where no
    player can mack a (raising) until the last card comes down (river) . And
    when the last card cames down any player can raising as he want . Thank
    you for reading my comment and for this great video .

  22. Ahh the good old days of live poker. Fearless, raw talent at work in a free social environment. Days of a recently bygone era.

    1. @Lukas Enourmous a bygone era where people were free to interact, socialize and compete without restrictions or limitations. Aka pre-covid19 brainwashing.

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  24. How is this treated as a sport!
    It has its own channel on tsn and other sports channels??Truthfully, it’s ridiculous! All it is … is gambling!! Pathetic!

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  26. He folded that two pairs because his last name is TRAN if its was NGUYEN he would have been destroyed by two pairs (referencing to Qui Nguyen)— NGUYENING lol

  27. Nice post-production there on WPT final table. In 3:31:00 you show Erkuts out is A of heart, folded by Kevin. NJ there 😀

  28. Should just be one commentator… They talk over each other way too much. Really fucking annoying.

  29. I can hear the commentators nose whistle but I cant hear the players talk.

  30. Wished the audio was louder…you can always turn it down…but cant turn it up any louder when it all the way up.

  31. The sound quality is absolutely terrible. Way too low, you cant hear anything without the volume cranked.

  32. 3.valete. copas. Buke.cpf.esposa…perfume.
    Ferrary. Pastinha.. esposa…presente..foto….2022.

  33. The fact that they just barely put their chips out and make the casino employee bend way over the table to grab them is kind of a douche bag move.

    1. Yeah that Tony guy leaves his cards right next to the rail…idiot. Probably doesnt care at all.

    2. You dont have to scold them though. You could just ask politely between hands.

    3. @Mark Garin especially at these kinds of tables. Last thing you’d want is to be known as the meanie dealer.

  34. ClubWPT is a massive scam…chinese ran scam…beware DO NOT fall for the hustle

  35. 1:39:00 it goes back in time for a bit but it’s just for a player break

  36. I like the fact that they used hand shuffle instead of shuffling machine. Hand shuffle seems legit. Machine cannot be trusted.

    1. I was at a casino once and the shuffling machine organized the cards 3 times in a row. I’m order according to the suit. It was at a blackjack table and everyone got their money back. Straight bs

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  38. Just before the shutdowns started. I was going to go to Sac to play this but thought better at the last moment

  39. when someone wins this tournament do they only get the $200,000 prize pool, or do they keep all their chips worth of money too? so like $7,000,000 or whatever the total is? or just the $200k?

    1. Chips have no real monetary value, and chips do not represent actual money in play. Theyre just numbers representing players stack size, $ sign is assigned only to make them look relevant.

      Chips are returned back to organizers after the tournament. So, winners get just the set rank rewards.

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