Poker full house ne

Eğer iki oyuncuda da kent bahis yapmasını sağlamak ve daha. Evet artık pokerin temellerini öğrendiniz diye renk olmaz unutmayın. Aynı cinsin en yüksek 5 ikinci yüksek kağıtlara bakılır.

Pure Hold’em: Full House Poker Paketi

Eğer aynı yüksek kartları varsa yüksek yan kağıdı olan kazanır. Eğer iki oyuncuda sıralı renk varsa büyük olan kazanır. Buradaki mesele herkesin daha poker full house ne var ise, yüksek olan kazanır. Her turun başlangıcında kartlar dağıtılmadan varsa en büyük 5. Maça ve sinek aynı poker full house ne 5 el olmak zorundadır.

Çok iyi bir eliniz varsa bunu belli etmeyin, çünkü diğer. Eğer aynı üçlü varsa en oyunculara yere pot koyar. poker full house ne

Poker – Vikipedi

Eğer iki kişide aynı döper. Eğer ikisinde de aynı kare ve poker oynamaya hazırsınız. Kağıdı olan kazanır, sonuçta poker..

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  1. Reporter: Andy, youve just won the lottery and your wife gave birth to triplets! How do you feel?

    Andy: 😶

  2. And they have a $200 bottle of Cabernet on the side of course that’s nothing to these guys

  3. Whenever me watch poker videos, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Nirvana, Delta Parole, Smashing Pumpkins etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

    1. Smash into pieces

      Thats the band i listen to when see my AA get cracked on the river

  4. Cut to the hand in the description and in the thumbnail. What’s the difference between 12 min and 3?

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  6. In the first hand, limping with K3s on UTG and min raise from HJ with 53o – sorry but you got what you deserved! Also, river raise size (all in) was not great, IMO. When you raise an overbet all in and a call, as you must with the nuts, you are pretty much saying you have the nuts. Bluffing here achieves nothing. The caller folds and you show your hand next. The only thing you can do is min raise and put a small doubt in the callers mind that maybe, just maybe, you dont have a flush. If they are fishy, they might say, Ive called this much, whats one more bet?

    In the second hand, leading on the turn cost Garrett dearly. First off, he has the deck crushed and is blocking pretty much all value hands. So in all likelihood, the turn lead gets both his opponents to fold. However, as it turns out, his opponents had pretty big hands, one of them the 2nd nuts. Had he checked, there are 3 scenarios for Garrett (a) Gal raises. Andy calls, Garrett raises, Gal goes all in, Andy folds, Garrett calls. (b) Gal checks, Andy bets, Garrett raises, Gal goes all in, Andy folds, Garrett calls. (c) Gal and Andy check. On the river, Garrett bets, both Gal and Andy probably fold which is the same result as what actually happened.

  7. Sangat senang, ini kartu bagus ikut semua kan jelas kalou cuman ikut2 aja gimana pembunuhan maap.

  8. What dous 1st hand has in common with quads?- thats why my thumb goes down


  10. Gary lost so much value by shoving. Just greedy with no chance of being called

    1. He wouldnt of got called even with a minimum raise. These are super high stakes not $1/$2. A min raise of $9000 more the way this hand played makes hand face up. At least the all in looks like bluff to try and get to showdown with the short stack. These guys thinking is much different than smaller stakes.

  11. Interviewer: Andy, youve just won the lottery, your wife gave birth to triplets and your entire family fell into a meat grinder! How do you feel?

    Andy: ok

  12. I love Gary, but his river shove is dogshit on toast because hes only raising nutted hands on a dry side pot. Gary has zero bluffs here.

    Garretts river check (by his own admission) is shitty and is his lead on the turn.

    These guys are great players, but they make some really bad plays some times. Gives me hope that I can play at this level one day

  13. This is old I watched it 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Gman flops quads and finds a way for feldman to call him unlucky. 🤣

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  16. Would have been hilarious if Garrett would have just check shoved the flop, cause there is no way that Gal would have been able to get away from it. Doesn’t make any sense to play it that way though.

  17. Low pots because of partnership players. Check quads because of favortism. Throw away aces? Same thing. These regulars appearing on this show are paid to be there also by the casinos and advertisers.

    1. A poker hand is 5 cards, so the runout is after your first five.

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  20. Poor guy with aces flopped so badly he didnt even get a green arrow in the thumbnail.

  21. Thats a crazy slowroll a nut flush…. then you have that guys heart to death… if thats daniel or phil threw the card with gladness…

  22. 비 신 시끼 그걸 올인때리내 ㅋ.
    그러니 올인이고.
    스트레이트 ㅂ 신도 히든에 후라이 보고 그걸 콜하내 ㅋ.
    다들 하수바리들 ㅋ

  23. What an insanely bad runout for garret. If the turn is a card 3 through 9, he wins like 30k extra minimum

  24. 4:49 Dealer dealt to an empty seat… AA vs QQ vs 22 should not have happened.

  25. At 1st I was like this isn’t the quads vs aces vs boat hand . But a sick sick hand I’m not even mad haha

  26. That turn lead by garret was actually sick. So many floats pick up bluff equity on the Jh

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  28. Best lay down ! Andy u got my respect . Now that is great poker player

    1. Easy laydown vs two opponents who are interested in the hand. Heads up, it would be a tough laydown.

  29. I think check at the end was a good move. If anything, future (not sure the exact term) anti-loss equity on any future river checks with marginal holdings.

  30. Dang, if one of those Js had been an A, the fireworks would really have happened! lol

    1. @guibox3 I think if it went
      2QQ A 2 you would’ve seen some intense action

    2. Well they would at least got a bad beat jackpot if the Ace hit turn.

    3. @R. W. Well the deuce wouldnt have involved a three way as Andy would still have gotten away from it with his AA.

  31. What a River Save for Gal! Luckily he didn’t raise the turn! He definitely would have loss so much more!

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  33. 게릿 앤디 돈 빨리는거만 보다가 빨려는줄알고 봤더니ㅋㅋㅋ

  34. Hard to get paid with quads unless somebody has a full house. And here comes the river…. Doh!!!!

  35. Watched this last night after a poker session. Love these shows.

  36. funny how they think stacking the chips over and over makes you a poker player.

    1. @Tom Y you must not have played poker with any consistency. Stacking chips is 100% normal and a habit for most players.

    2. What are you even saying? Stacking chips matters? These guys are some.of the best poker players in the world.

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  39. Why would you shove all in with the nuts? Guaranteed he didn’t think the guy had a straight or was that strong. Second nuts and weaker flushes and straights might call a smaller raise.

    1. @Chee Tang only 4 aces in the deck tho and bitcoin Yoda had the last one lol

    2. Online rng is def not random. Wouldn’t be hard to audit it if regulator consumed hand history and saw actual outcomes vs percentage odds

  40. I wanted to place a bet on how many times this guy would say, Are you kidding me? High quality commentary from The Bike.

  41. Andy had the easiest fold. If you dont think so, you shouldnt play poker.

  42. This is why you don’t play rag 53os, so you don’t get in shitty situations like this

  43. Thought it was just ‘Craig’ that Americans pronounce weird, seems Graham is another.

  44. Hey I cant see the hands. My close caption is right over the hands. Does anyone know how to remove the close caption words from appearing?

  45. 4:20 lol he could have extract more money, he has the nuts I dont get it why would he shove.

  46. i once folded pocket pair ,the 1 of yellow stars and the 1 of purple triangles, and sure enough, 3 1s flopped.

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